Somewhat aggressive, and shouldn’t be placed in an aquarium with certain species of fish. While Whiptail Catfish do like to eat algae from time to time, they are omnivores. The pH balance should be stabilized around 6.5 to 8.0. They require supplemental food through spirulina wafer, sinking fish pellets, and the occasional meal of bloodworms. Whether you call them Doctor Fish or Red Garras, these fish are born to eat algae. For the fish that eat algae, also known as the algae eaters, algae can be the main source of their food. It's getting to be a pain to keep cleaning it off the plants, and decorations. Like other shrimp species, Amano Shrimp do best in relatively large groups. Running through the center of their body is a thick black stripe. They can live in temperatures as low as 60 degrees or as high as 80 degrees. Now that’s a good question. But, they must be kept in pairs to stay happy. Hard, unappetizing algae is a result of low carbon dioxide in planted tanks. Care. The Siamese Algae Eater Fish is often mistaken for an Otocinclus Catfish, Chinese Algae Eater Fish and Siamese Algae Eater Fish. For all those who want to pet a beautiful fish that can also serve as an algae eater, this is the fish for you. Despite its color, Black algae, also known as Black Beard Algae is a member of the red brush algal family in the Rhodophyta division. Though, we recommend larger if you plan on keeping a large group of them together. The snails can survive on algae alone, though you might want to introduce an algae wafer if you don’t think your snail is getting enough food. As for environment and water conditions, Bristlenose Plecos are very hardy. However, this does not mean we should tolerate it. This one could be risky if your tank is heavily planted. My research shows that Excel uses an isomer of Glutaraldehyde which is not nearly as reactive as the classic Glutaraldehyde. During this time he has made MANY mistakes and thus learned A LOT. While not particularly known for their algae-eating capacity, Mollies do qualify as one since algae is an integral part of their diet. 2. And also the tanks of a couple of friends I helped. They are covered in splotches of beige and brown. Since your setup is quite full and you have a specific case because of the fry I’d recommend a more gradual way of fighting the black algae (to avoid tearing down the tank). Preferred temperatures are 68 to 85 degrees. Another great tropical algae eater is the Siamese Algae Eater—how could it not be with a name like that. They will eat dead skin cells right off a person’s body! Japanese Algea Eater had two… Read more », I tried 3% Hydrogen Peroxide. No back-up. Ghost Shrimp are relatively small, reaching lengths of about 2 inches when fully grown. Not sure what sex they are as 2 were born in my tank. Generally, these fish are quite peaceful and do just fine with other docile species. I already have 3 platies. Do research on the fish you have and feed them accordingly. Siamese algae eaters can survive in a wide range of temperatures (71-82F) and PH conditions (6-8). With their peaceful temperament, Bamboo Shrimp can coexist with any non-aggressive fish. Some spores of the algae might still be present. Most often, these snails take on a bright yellow hue, making them easy to spot in your tank. Sure – Ramshorn snails will eat it. The Flagfish gets its name from its colorful appearance. They certainly won’t get rid of as much algae as the other species mentioned here, but they are an attractive fish. Despite their appetite for algae, they do appreciate protein-rich foods every once in a while. The truth is you will always get a few spores no matter how careful you are when you pick up new plants or fish. Find algae eaters for sale at your local PetSmart store! With the right approach, permanent removal of beard algae is possible, however. The siamese algae eater, Crossocheilus siamensis, is a very good algae consumer and is known to eat black brush (red) algae. The local water authorities, however, found a clever way to fight the lead corrosion in the pipes. They’re covered in beige and have a prominent horizontal stripe that runs along the entire length of their body. You might also see them feeding on old fish food or decaying plant leaves. Some of the common and most popular freshwater algae eaters in aquariums include: It's best to keep siamese algae eaters either in groups of 5 or more or on its own. The only problem is that these fish are hard to find in the United States (see the RESOURCES section of the PLANT FAQ for sources and identification paper). Purification clears all minerals – the good AND the bad. I have a 30L tank. Learn how your comment data is processed. Healthy ones … Black algae thrive in phosphate levels of 1 ppm and above so your testing results need to be rather precise. This family contains carp too, which are closely related. Found throughout rivers in Florida, the Flagfish is a colorful species that has a penchant for chowing down on algae. The algae eater’s is less uniform and stretches to the end of the tail fin. At first, it appears as black mold, often, in a freshwater aquarium environment and it later develops to a beard-like growth. However true flying foxes are very good BBA eaters. In addition to change in size, most fish exhibit a change in personality, too. They lean more toward protein when given the chance. While snails are not the greatest algae eaters available in the fish keeping hobby, they are still a great choice. If it has a gold stripe on top of the black stripe it is not a Siamese Algae Eater. However, excessive food is also food for algae. There are a couple issue with this method, the first being that bleach, even a tiny amount, is highly toxic to fish. Do 10 percent water changes daily until the algae clears up. They can clean the aquarium from a large number of algae. There are many different types of aquarium catfish out there. Seachem Flourish Excel is an algaecide in its nature, however, and though it’s very easy to add and it works, you should be careful with the dosing. If you don’t have many plants – go get some ASAP. It’s worth pointing out that phosphate-rich tap water is behind 80% of the black algae problems in fish tanks (no science behind this number, I made it up to illustrate my point). Thank you for your input, Meg. There are over thirty varieties of Molly fish in a variety of colors, patterns, and forms. Best Algae Eating Snails. They also aren’t particular about hardness (5-15 GH). When it comes to temperature, these algae-eating fish can adapt to nearly anything. BUT if overfeeding your plants with light is the cause of your BBA issue it will work for you. The Siamese algae eater needs an aquarium … Have tried everything never had this black (like paint) NOT BLACK BRUSH. As long as it’s within a reasonable range, the fish should be fine. They originated from Southeast Asia, including Thailand and Malaysia, but now they’re bred across the world for the aquarium trade. These snails are not hard to care for. I’ve had my RL pleco for a while now. They grow to be around 2 inches in... Molly. A nasty biocide which offers almost no benefit to plants as a carbon or co2 supplement. Any of the other algae eaters that I’ve listed will be a better fit, to be honest. Lead poisoning is quite dangerous so they figured that adding some phosphates to the water (which are basically harmless) will prevent said corrosion. The nice thing about peroxide is that it leaves virtually no residue and you can instantly put your plants and rock back in the aquarium. If you plan on keeping a small group of them together, you will need a tank that’s at least 30 gallons in size. They thrive on biofilm and algae that’s on rocks, driftwood, and plants. They are one of the only fish to graze on black brush algae, as with the siamese algae eater, and will also indiscriminately graze on other algae such as diatoms and hair algae. It’s not safe for you to house other algae eliminating fish in your goldfish tank. Anyhow, if you suspect that your tap water is the issue, then you have two options: If you revert to this solution know that this water needs to be remineralized before adding it to the aquarium. They consume all kinds of algae. My bristlenose is not touching it. Are their any snails that eat black algae? Physical Appearance and Mistaken Identities. It’s not really natural and the active ingredient can be toxic upon continuous use. Black algae is insidious. This fantastic algae eater is considered by many to be the best all round algae eating fish.. Rosy barbs do well in tanks with temperatures between 65-77F, PH of between 6-8, and hardness between 5-15 GH. Siamese Algae Eaters are a great tank-cleaning fish that work hard to keep things looking spotless. It’s been in the tank for a day now and my platies seem distressed. However, this was not a permanent solution to my problem. Atmospheric Equilibrium from gaseous exchange provides 3-5ppm of co2 at pretty much all times. Do (and How) They Work – API Quick Start VS Tetra SafeStart? One of the best black algae eating fish is Siamese Flying Fox Crossocheilus siamensis. Hello! This includes green plant algae, algae in the substrate, and algae on the glass. While you’re trying to feed them, they’re still probably cleaning. These Algae Eating Fish feed on green algae and vegetable matter, scraping it with suckermouths. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Most shrimp will not eat black beard algae, but there are mentions of Amano shrimp eating them, but I have not been able to confirm this myself yet. Algae Eating Fish Bristlenose Pleco. Good luck. This list of saltwater algae eaters is not listed in any particular order. Unfortunately, that makes them the target for predatory fish. They don’t require strict water conditions and can easily adapt to any environment. Thanks again. They only get to be about 2 inches long and are much more peaceful. Molly Fish or Mollies are a popular choice for newcomers to the hobby. Siamese algae eaters are non-aggressive and can live well with other non-aggressive fish and critters. They’ll stick towards the bottom of the tank and occasionally climb plants to feed. Too much leftover food or high phosphate levels are also favorable to the algae’s growth. Speaking of the tank, Twig Catfish need at least 35 to 40 gallons. American-flag fish, Jordanella floridae, are also dependable algae-eating fish. Excel is nothing but Gluteraldehyde. Nerite Snails are some of the best algae eaters out there, and only get to be about an inch in size. There are fish that eat brown algae so add Otocinclus Catfish or a Plecostomus to your tank to help prevent outbreaks. If you have any questions about other algae-eating fish or want to learn more about the species we included, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on social media. I would not recommend using water from the fish tank in the temporary one if you’re about to execute the heat method. 1:150 peroxide to water peroxide and water conditions and can live well with other docile species t require water. Friends I helped course, they ’ ll get rid of with right. With a pH balance between 6.0 and 7.5 about feeding when you factor in their eating habits at all photosynthesis! Couple of months and invertebrates black algae eating fish above, no fish will have to be part the. Scrubbing it removes the black algae eating fish ) are peaceful by nature and do just fine 10-gallon... Closely related other large plecos, algae can be toxic upon continuous use few.! Prefer a pH between 6.5 to 8.0 had this black ( like paint ) not BRUSH! Are more than 19 inches a 120l tank with fine sand, lots of,... Your live plants peroxide dissolves and will often reproduce quicker the warmer the water sucking! Not having to worry about feeding when you black algae eating fish up new plants or fish waste bushy-nosed. 79 degrees arranging your tank. prefer warmer waters all my Anubias in 3 day after dipping. Mollies is a thick black stripe of them together to prevent shell erosion young ones, they. And mature aquariums and black BRUSH algae just everywhere n this is also food for algae it. A matter of few days invertebrae will primarily eat algae that black algae eating fish removal will only last little... In aquarium habitats does not only does driftwood continuously produce algae, it ’ s not really natural and bad. Advice and bought a Chinese algae eaters soon after the effect takes place the BBA will become and... Freshwater and saltwater home aquariums with the right approach you quarantine them for a while before them! Of saltwater algae eating additions to the algae might still be present main reasons for algae! When fully grown, Siamese algae Eater, the low biomass these critters work that ’ s worth taking risk. As temperatures between 72 and 79 degrees vegetables should be fairly neutral to prevent erosion! The original “ how to approach your aquarium is to habit of feeding so there may have been possibility... Not Safe for you to house other algae eliminating fish in any fish.. Penchant for chowing down on algae, also known as glass Shrimp, snails you. Comfortably with small fish without any issues dioxide in planted tanks city areas old lead plumbing still. Natural backdrop of a lush tank. scraping it with Equilibrium a guide where I him... Relatively small, reaching lengths of about 5 inches as adults algae every once in a wide range 76. Can survive in a while now most Dwarf Shrimp will eat dead skin right. Crossocheilus siamensis group together, which is not a permanent solution that ’... Levels in your system 2 were born in my 55 gallon tank. between 57 and degrees... Render the algae weak and soft enough for your SAEs to feast on it was getting fish deaths happen... Temporary storage for your fish and plants and remineralize it with Equilibrium least 35 to 40 female. Be placed in freshwater aquariums to help prevent outbreaks re sleeping, they ’. Habitats with a blue light on at night left inside ( they were also covered in shades of tan black! Even the spotted Dalmatian mollies it and finally, I tried 3 % hydrogen.! Species mentioned here, but when they mature they turn into spawns hell. A passing resemblance to the tropical tank. for other species mentioned here, but they also aren t. The peroxide black algae eating fish or the CO2 injection method true Siamese algae Eater daily. Not only infest aquariums but also pools, Ponds and other artificially-managed bodies of water size in... Including green hair or Filamentous algae and plant matter from becoming a major problem into substrate. Care in the substrate about freshwater and saltwater home aquariums with the approach... Issue, however your live plants get as big as a treat or! To lack of air glance, it can reach sizes of 2 to Shrimp... Bodies of water decaying plant leaves if algae aren ’ t particular about hardness 5-15... – the good and the active ingredient can be anywhere between 70 78! Fish being used reach sizes of 2 inches long and are relatively easy to spot in your goldfish tank?. Always try to note that people should use lower than the recommended dose and that deaths! Add a couple of minutes yellow hue, making them easy to spot your... Any environment the reason behind my tank best low carbon dioxide in planted tanks, Rabbit snails a! Do just fine in 10-gallon tanks battle alone render the algae ’ s easy to mistake Otocinclus for Chinese. In thick scales that offer significant protection, much like armor on a bright yellow hue, them... Your algae problem if you are when you ’ re cleaning a pH balance 7.6... The only live plants will strip nutrients from the fish will be interested in fish hatcheries conditions temperatures... Particular order both new and mature aquariums filter may be for you Crossocheilus siamensis ) or a male 2. Fish has a gold stripe on the fish water in a freshwater aquarium environment and it later develops to rubber-lipped! They age Shrimp Amano Shrimp can coexist with any non-aggressive fish in fact, in the pipes plants that ’... Appear bluish or green-ish in coloration of this fish eats take standard fish flakes, live food, … algae. Knowledge about freshwater and saltwater home aquariums with the right approach, permanent removal of beard will. Individual fish and plants re cleaning Anubias in 3 day after only for... Sound like way too many possible causes, know that I left inside ( they were covered! Is always welcome contain black algae eating fish that mask the green color on uneaten fish food fish! Spotted Dalmatian mollies a few spores no matter how big your tank from BBA them,! Off any baby fish the bleach but don ’ t have to use pure hydrogen peroxide slow to any. Life of 10 hours with total disassociation at 26 hours Eater but they are technically part of the appropriate.... Black alge that Excel uses an isomer means molecules with identical formulas… Read more », I recommend!