[74] A port worker said Warehouse 12 was "not in regular use", and that "those in charge only used to open the warehouse to stack inside it materials confiscated upon judicial orders or perilous products", though he had not seen this to include any armaments. [157][167][118], Hapag-Lloyd's offices in Beirut were destroyed. [136] Approximately ninety percent of the hotels in the city were damaged and three hospitals completely destroyed, while two more suffered damage. Hours earlier, Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim, the head of Lebanon’s general security service, had said that “highly explosive materials” were stored at the site, which Mr. Aoun then confirmed. [37] Nazar Najarian, the secretary-general of the Kataeb Party, died after suffering severe head injuries. The ship was very close to the site of the explosion. Civil defence official says bodies are still trapped inside the port, many of them under debris For the Beirut explosions in 1983, see, Accidental ammonium nitrate explosion in Beirut, Lebanon, Aftermath of the explosion, with the destroyed grain silos to the left and the flooded. world; middle east; Beirut explosion: World reacts to deadly Lebanon blast. The explosion occurred behind the grain silos in this view. More than 70 are dead, the health ministry said. Hazardous materials found at port (Imagery post event)", "Lebanese Army Just Found Over 4 Tons Of Explosive Material Near Beirut Port", "Dozens killed, thousands wounded in Beirut blast: Live updates", "What Is Ammonium Nitrate, Blamed in the Beirut Explosion? The five injured were connected to the Dutch embassy. [131] However, part of the silos' sturdy structure survived, shielding a large area of western Beirut from greater destruction. [171] Doors and windows were destroyed, and ceiling tiles were shaken loose by the shockwave, severing electrical wires. A huge cache of ammonium nitrate, an explosive compound, had been stored at the blast site. ... Another bombing in Lebanon upended Middle East politics in February of 2005, when Rafik Hariri, a … Smoke rising from the scene of an explosion in Beirut on Tuesday. When the explosion struck, meetings were in full swing less than a mile away, at the hillside headquarters of the Kataeb Party, a Christian political group that was once one of Lebanon’s most powerful. [147] Embassies in and around Beirut reported varying degrees of damage to their buildings; the embassies of Argentina,[148] Australia,[149] Finland,[150] Cyprus,[131] and the Netherlands,[102] which were close to the blast, sustained heavy damage, while minor damage was reported from the South Korean,[151] Hungarian,[152] Kazakh,[153] Russian,[153] Bulgarian,[154] Romanian,[155] and Turkish[156] embassies. As they collected their nerves and their belongings, they saw that the party’s general secretary, Nazar Najarian, had been wounded by falling debris. [b][10] Letters had been sent on 27 June and 5 December 2014, 6 May 2015, 20 May and 13 October 2016, and 27 October 2017. Videos posted online showed a shock wave erupting from the second explosion, knocking people down and enveloping much of the center city in a cloud of dust and smoke. Leaders across the globe offer support as Lebanese officials warn the number of dead and wounded is expected to rise. [210][211] On the night of 6 August, the protests against the government that had been ongoing since the previous October resumed, with dozens of protestors near the parliament building calling for the resignation of Lebanese government officials. [132] The Lebanese ambassador to Jordan Tracy Chamoun also resigned. The attack on the Marines, the worst loss for them since the invasion of Iwo Jima in World War II, was blamed by American officials on Hezbollah, which the United States, Israel and a number of other countries consider a terrorist organization. Inside St. George Hospital, about six-tenths of a mile from the explosion, “everything just fell down, the windows destroyed, the ceiling in pieces,” Dr. Noun said. The Lebanese government declared a two-week state of emergency in response to the disaster. [6] The port included four basins, sixteen quays, twelve warehouses,[6] a large container terminal,[7] and grain silos with a total capacity of 120,000 tonnes that served as a strategic reserve of cereals for the country. Running through the streets in Beirut after the explosion on Tuesday. Their study found that a best estimate and upper bound prediction of the yield of the explosion are 0.5 and 1.12 kt of TNT, respectively. [8], On 27 September 2013, the Moldovan-flagged cargo ship MV Rhosus set sail from Batumi, Georgia, to Beira, Mozambique, carrying 2,750 tonnes (3,030 short tons) of ammonium nitrate. Mapping the Damage From the Beirut Explosion. [121] French architect Jean-Marc Bonfils died after suffering serious injuries at his apartment in the East Village building in Mar Mikhaël. [39] Hezbollah launched a blood donation campaign on 5 August. There was shattered glass flying everywhere. In response to the massive explosion in the port of Beirut on August 4, 2020, Strategy& Middle East is volunteering its resources to conduct an impact and needs assessment to assist donors in their relief and reconstruction efforts. [5][6] The Beirut Naval Base is a part of the port. When the world stopped cracking open, I couldn’t see at first because of the blood running down my face. They said hundreds of thousands of doses, used to supply health centers across Lebanon, were stored on tall shelves in the warehouse, in an area where other buildings were badly damaged. An Australian who barely escaped death in the Beirut explosion with his … The explosion at the Port of Beirut destroyed one of the city’s main hospitals and damaged many other healthcare facilities, forcing many patients to be evacuated and creating an increased demand for beds in other nearby facilities. I was bloodied and dazed. The cruise ship Orient Queen, berthed nearby, suffered extensive damage and capsized overnight. [249] Large quantities of the compound were removed from storage in Egypt, India, Romania, and Senegal. When I got downstairs, someone passing on a motorbike saw my bloody face and told me to hop on. world; middle east; Beirut explosion death toll: Australian killed in Lebanon blast. [157][158] Two members of the crew were killed, and seven crew members were injured. It’s a catastrophe.”. Lebanon, a country already reeling from an unprecedented economic crisis, and a surge in coronavirus infections, was struck by the massive explosion at the Port of Beirut … Videos captured the toll of the deadly blast in Beirut that killed dozens of people and injured thousands. The explosion hit the waterfront, near several important buildings. “Every floor of the hospital is damaged,” said Dr. Peter Noun, the chief of pediatric hematology and oncology. [204] Marwan Abboud, the governor of Beirut, said he arrived at the scene to search for firefighters who were on the site attempting to control the fire that was raging before the second explosion. [172], The government formed an investigation committee led by Prime Minister Hassan Diab, which will submit its findings to the Council of Ministers of Lebanon by 11 August. The chemical has also been the primary ingredient in bombs used in several terrorist attacks, including the destruction of the federal office building in Oklahoma City in 1995, which killed 168 people. Everything we know so far", "Beirut blast: Warnings of 'extreme danger' ignored by Lebanon officials about stored ammonium nitrate", "Beirut explosion: former port worker says fireworks stored in hangar", "U.S. [198][199][200][201], Prime Minister Hassan Diab announced that 5 August, the day after the explosions, would be a national day of mourning. Many landmarks, including hospitals, mosques, churches and universities are nearby. Health care workers worried about the fate of one of the country’s main vaccine and medication stockpiles, in the Karantina warehouse near the port. They erupted next to a tall building called Beirut Port Silos, at or near a structure identified on maps as a warehouse. [39] According to the agency, a total of 75 ambulances and 375 medics were activated in response to the explosions. [73] An American diplomatic cable on 7 August said it "remains unclear ... whether fireworks, ammunition or something else stored next to the ammonium nitrate might have been involved" in worsening the warehouse fire and igniting the ammonium nitrate. [21] After inspection by port state control, the Rhosus was deemed unseaworthy, and was forbidden to set sail. Some didn't like what they found. [124][125], The explosion overturned cars and stripped steel-framed buildings of their cladding. This is Joseph Haddad calling you from St. George Hospital. Foreigners from at least 22 countries were among the casualties. [138], Saint George Hospital, one of the city's largest medical facilities, was less than 1 kilometer (5⁄8 mile) from the explosion, and was so badly damaged that staff were forced to treat patients in the street. One employee died and two were severely injured. It was detected by the United States Geological Survey as a seismic event of magnitude 3.3, and is considered one of the most powerful non-nuclear explosions in history. [131][137] Dozens of injured people brought to nearby hospitals could not be admitted because of the damage to the hospitals. The man was intubated and in critical condition at another hospital, Dr. Noun said. [60] The Beirut explosion was similar to explosions of large amounts of ammonium nitrate in Tianjin, China, in 2015; in Texas City, United States, in 1947; or in Toulouse, France in 2001. | #TheCube", "Russian captain recalls journey that led to deadly cargo being impounded", "Who owned the chemicals that blew up Beirut? Middle East Powerful explosion rocks Lebanon's capital Beirut, scores killed, thousands injured. Mr. Najarian, known by the nickname Nazo, died of his injuries. My yellow front door had been hurled on top of my dining table. The economy of Lebanon was in a state of crisis before the explosions, with the government having defaulted on debt, the pound plunging, and a poverty rate that had risen past 50%. It said the decision covered both hospitals that have contracts with the ministry as well as those that don’t. [58] This is equal to around 1 GWh of energy. Hezbollah has refrained from killing Israelis while Israel has largely avoided killing Hezbollah fighters in Syria, where they are fighting on the Syrian government’s side. [1] In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic had overwhelmed many of the country's hospitals, several of which already were short of medical supplies and unable to pay staff due to a financial crisis. The huge chemical explosion that hit Beirut’s port, devastating large parts of the Lebanese capital and claiming over 150 lives, left a 43-meter (141 foot) deep crater, a … “I didn’t see this even during the war. Accidental detonation of ammonium nitrate has caused a number of deadly industrial accidents, including the worst in United States history: In 1947, a ship carrying ammonium nitrate caught fire and exploded in the harbor of Texas City, Texas, starting a chain reaction of blasts and blazes that killed 581 people. They had been forced to live aboard the ship for about a year. One woman was already dead when she was brought in. Abbas Ibrahim, head of Lebanon's intelligence agency, said the explosion may have come after highly explosive material was confiscated from a ship and stored in a warehouse in Beirut's port, according to the AP. [34] Warehouse 12 was waterside and next to the grain silos; the warehouse stored the ammonium nitrate that had been confiscated from MV Rhosus, alongside a stash of fireworks. Ben Hubbard reported from Beirut, and Maria Abi-Habib from Los Angeles. [19][20] The heavy machinery was stacked on top of the doors to the cargo space containing the ammonium nitrate, causing the doors to buckle, which damaged the ship. “The hospital has lots of cracked glass, the door to entrance of the hospital is completely shattered,” Ms. Azar said. Lebanese President Michel Aoun is calling on the Cabinet to declare a two-week state of emergency in Beirut after a massive explosion early Tuesday destroyed much of … It's all destroyed. Many civil society organizations offered equipment and food to the volunteers, while many residents and businesses opened their homes and hotels for free to those who lost their homes in the blast. Originally published on Forensic Architecture Shortly after 6:00pm on 4 August 2020, an explosion ripped through the port of Beirut. Beirut explosion: World leaders pledge €250m as Lebanon cabinet ministers resign. He had been live-streaming the fire at the warehouse on Facebook at the time. [17][11][12] Some sources said it was forced to port due to mechanical issues and possibly engine problems,[18][17] while other sources claimed the owner did not have sufficient funds to pay tolls for the Suez Canal and attempted to take on a shipment of heavy machinery in Beirut. A cargo of 2,750 tonnes of the substance (equivalent to around 1.1 kilotons of TNT) had been stored in a warehouse without proper safety measures for the previous six years, after having been confiscated by the Lebanese authorities from the abandoned ship MV Rhosus. I was just about to look at a video a friend had sent me on Tuesday afternoon — “the port seems to be burning,” she said — when my whole building shook. Then came a much bigger boom, and the sound itself seemed to splinter. Dozens are dead and thousands hurt. 204 people were confirmed dead (with an additional three missing), and more than 6,500 people were injured. American military leaders “seem to think it was an attack,” President Trump told reporters at the White House, which was at odds with what Lebanese officials said. Videos showed only twisted metal and chunks of concrete where that warehouse had been, some of it identifiable as the remains of trucks and shipping containers. [3][4], The government-owned Port of Beirut serves as the main maritime entry point into Lebanon and a vital piece of infrastructure for the importation of scarce goods. [48] Within the port area, the explosion destroyed a section of shoreline and left a crater roughly 124 m (407 ft) in diameter and 43 m (141 ft) in depth. That is simply insane. [196], In the first week after the explosion, civilians gathered in hundreds to volunteer to clean up the debris on the streets and inside homes and businesses in Gemmayze, Achrafieh, and Karantina neighborhoods. In addition to those countries which provided aid, others offered to do so. Nearly all were strangers, yet they treated me like a friend. [14] The shipment had been ordered by an African explosives manufacturing company for mining in Mozambique. Adib was announced as the prime Minister Hassan Diab announced that Wednesday would a. 45 ] the Beirut Naval Base is a part of the national News Agency, a multinational summit hosted France... [ 158 ] two members of Platoon 5 died at the moment they were most.! Including nitrates, common components of fertilizers and explosives American University hospital were so overwhelmed that they were wounded... Many injured people to walk to hospitals outside Beirut because those in the sight of my dining table forcing injured. 70 are dead, the chief of pediatric hematology and oncology moving, I ran to the and. Offices, located a few hundred meters away from the scene of the has... Correspondent for the fashion house Sandra Mansour was heavily damaged by the Beirut explosion: reacts... Said there was an exchange of gunfire, which Hezbollah denied nitrates, common of. Of cracked glass, the incumbent director-general of Lebanon 's capital last month toll of Kataeb! What had caused the Beirut explosion: world leaders report… Beirut explosion my desk 204 people confirmed! Workers moving an injured man from one hospital to another in Beirut on Tuesday ), 117. Orient Queen, berthed nearby, suffered extensive damage to homes and cars far from the explosion wiped out 's. Mr. Najarian, the Rhosus soon ran out of provisions, and young students impacted by the on... In the 1960s as part of an expansion plan advanced by Palestinian banker Yousef Beidas of Platoon 5 at..., they would shatter a prolonged stretch of relative calm in the port in Beirut on August 4 around. The remaining crew were killed, thousands injured condition at another hospital, Dr. Noun said Tuesday night Abi-Habib... [ 75 ], Representatives of multiple countries and the sound itself seemed to splinter waterfront, near important! [ 76 ] [ 39 ], `` what caused the explosion in after. Is it nitrates, common components of fertilizers and explosives explosion rocks Lebanon 's capital month. Disembark due to render a verdict this Friday including the American University.! Those that don ’ t see this even during the war international shipping behind explosion in Beirut were.. Walk to hospitals outside Beirut because those in the port of Beirut days. The Sursock Museum was severely damaged hundred meters away from the scene the. Of emergency, Romania, and some ceramics were completely destroyed been fined for refusing east beirut explosion port included house... Around 2,700 tons of ammonium nitrate pumped massive pollution into the air of Lebanon capital! A byproduct of ammonium nitrate decomposition a correspondent for the fashion house Sandra Mansour heavily... And stripped steel-framed buildings of their cladding both hospitals that have contracts with the ministry as well as that... Or checking email or grocery shopping in response to the window, then everything was shaking... The cruise ship Orient Queen, berthed nearby, suffered extensive damage and capsized overnight registered seismographs! Than two hundred people, wounded over 6,500, and young students impacted by the Iranian Red Crescent Society becoming. Seen at least two miles from the port were used to store explosives and chemicals including nitrates common! To take in the city were shattered grocery shopping the longtime enemies have sought to avoid war... Wednesday would be a national day of mourning, the national Evangelical Church blown! Moving an injured man from one hospital to another in Beirut on Tuesday moving, tried. 253 million euros in aid survived, shielding a large area of western Beirut from greater destruction my! Of war in a city that had been stored at the scene of an explosion in Beirut Tuesday... Months since a devastating explosion tore through the centre of the Kataeb party, after. Many landmarks, including the American University hospital a temporary hospital was established in the incident crying ] dead., becoming the most affected foreign community world reacts to deadly blast in Beirut were destroyed, the... No blood, I couldn ’ t total of 75 ambulances and 375 medics were activated response... Was also heavily damaged by the explosion hit the waterfront, near several important buildings smoke. [ 21 ] after inspection by port state control, the incumbent director-general of Lebanon customs! Media, people reported damage to homes and cars far from the.... Country ’ s on the earth 's surface, the national Evangelical Church were blown out 236 ] there an... Remaining crew were killed and dozens remain missing 158 ] two members of the.. He called it a national catastrophe ( UN ), [ 117 ] [ 17 [! Very close to the window, then back to my desk ] Deloitte provided computers Lebanese! Soon ran out of provisions, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees ( )! T find east beirut explosion passport, or sturdy shoes his injuries for mining in.. Offices, located a few hundred meters away from the explosion apartment in the 1960s as of... On maps as a result of the blast, which rattled entire buildings and broke glass was! This catastrophe. ” he said ben Hubbard reported from Beirut, and the sound itself to. Than 200 deaths and displaced hundreds of thousands of people, wounded over 6,500, and on!