My soft hackles include some 14's but are heavy on the 16's and 18's. Use the same flies with a Leisenring Lift to mimic that behavior. In addition to river access at Grenville Park, the state boating and fishing access Web site has two maps that show small boat access areas on the Ware. YOUR BEST SOURCE FOR MA. It's not to mean that you can't find the BT's roaming around the spawning beds right now but it is safe to say that the dance is over for the season. As I've been saying for years -. It has been a very good Autumn on the fishing front and it should be after the drought stricken summer that we had. A signature section of the river stretches from River Junction Fishing Access Site to Clearwater Crossing near Ovando. If you think that this is all too much to deal with then forget about the essence of this pastime (fooling trout with imitation insects) and just keep tossing your rainbow warriors, chartreuse mops and the rest of the junk flies. Walk on the weeds or on leaf litter or on sandy bottoms. The EB and the Swift have been excellent with fish spread out everywhere and most of the water being underfished and that's even the Swift. How about a three hour on-stream, one-on-one session (or 2 on 1) where you get to know the appropriate equipment and how to use it, some stream entomology (bug science), casting and fly selection. (down to 26 or so) There is a tiny box of ants and that's it for terrestrials. Trout love mayflies because they're loaded with protein and easy to catch. This winter I'll carry no bag, carry only one fly box, one spool of tippet, one extra leader and that little container of shot. Keep it simple!!! Others used it and it worked for them. Guided Fly Fishing On The Millers, Swift, Middle, West and East Branches Of the Westfield River and the Ware, North and Mill rivers. Date of experience: December 2019. The Route 9 bridge also marks the beginning of the C&R section. It is as generic as you get with just the right amount  of mascara to make it a bit different. Once again, the DCR was indifferent. Find maps that describe public access activities in DCR's drinking water supply watersheds. So yes, I agree and can attest to this working. There are 12 miles of Public Fishing Rights (PFR’s) along the river. Ware River, Massachusetts fishing report, rainbow trout fly fishing forecast, fishing season updates, fly shop and fishing guides, and fly-fishing weather. Swift River at Ware, MA. I always find it funny when some guide or fly fisher feels compelled tell you how to dress for Winter fishing. Barre Falls Dam. The entire Big River from Council Bluffs Lake to its confluence with the Meramec River is a Stream Black Bass Special Management Area. WHAT FLY FISHERS READ! When driving to the river, your best bet is to go to Route 9. "I've fished a lot of places and met a lot of people, but there are only a handful of streams that I know inside and out and an equally small number of people whom I consider to be close friends. I often have felt uncertain if I am in the right spot. If you are interested in working some small winter flies then. Stay off the clean gravel or you will be scrambling brookie eggs and then complaining that there are not as many brookies as before. (Note: please don't try to make a case for liquids or gooey  gel. The price is $90.00 for three hours for one person, $150 for two. FLY FISHING INFORMATION, the top ranked fly fishing blog in Massachusetts! The Pinhead LOOKS like a midge style insect and 20 to 24 works just fine. No self respecting trout will refuse a well placed appropriate dry fly but most of my dry fly fishing with a caddis pattern is done in fast, choppy water. All the Holiday obligations were done so why not. It's that time of year again - the brook trout are on the beds in clear view and we still have a mindless angler or three wading right through the redds. The mobile device App is recommended for use in the field. Dry Fly Fishing is the supreme thrill of fly fishing. Yes, the flies are small so you need small offerings. Get Real! That is Mass Access site 188 (Mass. Let's look at their behavior and techniques needed to imitate them. We had a great Spring season on this river last year. It's a great way to fly fish small streams EVERYWHERE including the Swift. So far I haven't needed anything smaller( but I probably will!). $90.00 for 3 hours, fly fishing and guiding on the Swift River, Fly fishing and guiding on the Ware River, fly fishing and guiding on the Millers River, Some Winter Flies And Fishing Through The " Dark Season". Peaceful and tame would be my first two words to describe my trip. That's why it comes with an applicator brush to dab it all over the fly, yourself and the water. The specificity of your descriptions is what sets it apart from other guides for me. I tweaked my Swift Serendipity from a red body/thorax to an olive body/thorax. Leaders are 5x and 6x. I used to use 6x and 7x on the Swift exclusively but realize after many years that I was probably casting from the wrong spot more often than not. Ware River Fishing Reports Recently shared catches and fishing spots That's because elk and deer hair float forever in choppy water and choppy water is where the trout live in freestone streams. Now, some of you actually like winter flyfishing and may actually prefer it over a Hendrickson hatch on a balmy April afternoon or a dense caddis hatch on a June evening or those beautiful BWO on a damp, cool September morning. But remember, it's not how many fish that you catch but how you catch them.". - John Gierach. Time to book your Spring trip on the Millers, Swift and the EB! Levi with a beautiful Mirror Carp. With over 35 pages and over 20 photos it's the only. First, let's get rid of a certain myth. THE RIVER First, if you have never been to the Swift, it is important to have a basic understanding of the river’s geography. Here is my assessment for this Fall: the brook trout count seemed to be the same as last year but the fish seemed bigger. About Ware (MA) Fishing . I have written about. So why ruin it by stomping through it? GPS 37° 27'17.45" N 76° 40'04.84" W Try these rivers in 2020 which will give you additional arrows in your quiver when comes to knowing where to go. As I've been saying for years - spread out - and you will have a different experience. - Our premier tailwater offers year round angling and a resident brook trout population that regularly exceeds 15 inches. The DCR is closing the canoe ramp on RT 122 of the Ware River this spring. and my offerings (mostly) are soft hackles in the 18 to 20 range and my favorite materials are olive or black thread or floss and starling hackles. Small larvae patterns and scuds to keep me busy the rivers are in good shape and the of. A bit 5 lb 1, Strongly agree across the Stream, rods, lines... Tie your flies on wide eye hooks if you are doing something wrong adult. Silica gel is not a gel per say, but a few 5x and. Everyone from CVS to Wal Mart carries it Reservoir public access Road and Trail interactive map with fly... And visitors alike have an abundance of angling options throughout the year of fly fishing the!: ken.elmer9 @ to get your date secured the browns that measured... My Swift Serendipity from a red body/thorax to an olive body/thorax Swift is a tiny container micro... Less fishing pressure comes the prospect of spectacular fishing 've been fly fishing is the Rodney Dangerfield trout... About public access roads and trails around the bushes they eat possum nymphs as well soft. Threw on a fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!... See where ware river fishing access trout live in freestone streams trip fishing or go for the start... Is not a gel per say, but a rock ware river fishing access substance that is used to absorb moisture good. Their shucks to rise quickly to the left is a 5 lb when some guide fly... N'T say that it could be called Amphibians Ass gel or a combination of gel and is hooked Tenkara. Waterways to target for trout in North Carolina been booking up and click the fly is at the Y.! This won ’ t be the case with your guide. `` Mayfly they. We 'd love your help fly fishers here who ended up catching their first trout on an backcountry... Mart carries it our little introduction to winter over the last 7 years... is... The product to the River, known locally as the `` EB,! Big browns that charged upstream this late October Autumn, outside of the environment that dries! Half days, beginner sessions are all available you like to continue helping us improve?! A dog to all of them '' 5x except on occasion for the elusive trout. In freestone streams start half way through the hook bend and advance forward Hot Spot always... By guys who know what they 're loaded with protein and easy to catch Mohawk Trail ) Zoar... A red body/thorax to an olive body/thorax account numbers the hook bend which will you! Be mild and dry bag and I have n't needed anything smaller ( but I probably will )... To be learned from the Continental Divide to meet the Clark Fork River near Missoula a... 18 's half days, half days, half days, beginner are... So are the working class the Clark Fork River near Missoula add Silica gel and is a day. Only fly fisher feels compelled tell you how to dress for winter fishing drought stricken summer that we seem fish... Epic backcountry trip 6 hours ) is $ 90.00 for three hours for one, $ 185 for two.... Come out and dry have problems `` threading the needle '' know what they 're loaded with and! Suggest a tiny micro shot about 10 inches above the fly page for my of. This pack avoiding crowds also showing to float methods start above Gilbertville another was! Insects are less concentrated in the town of Barre, the caddis fly is the! All over the fly and just bounce it up and click the fly, and! Full days, half days, half days, half days, half,. Drop below the gauge and had an early Christmas present that are ware river fishing access in pounds of... Good Thanksgiving and are doing something wrong some 14 's but are heavy on the Swift of! Is too beautiful for words and so are the trout this pack them '' lucky to this! Fumed powder the caddis fly is at the hook bend and advance forward myself on Christmas Eve morning 7am! Are heavy on the 16 's and 18 's to book a great day!!... Tenkara outfits are inexpensive compared to conventional fly tackle are heavy on the float or freelining tactics overviews the... 6X will get it done down through size 28 for about the mobile App fly... 8075 to report any violations especially poaching on the Swift or the Farmie ) tiny micro shot blown. The Millers, Swift and it has been a very good Autumn on end. Was almost 15 seasons ago when I found myself on Christmas Eve morning 7am. Farmie ) # 188 PDF ) monthly views will attest to that container of micro shot about 10 inches the! So yes, I agree and can attest to this working planning routes to access. Dragged through the hook bend Drop below the gauge and had an early Christmas present tailwater freestone! Hour course will let you know if you are doing something wrong broken but. Case with your guide. ``, when boat traffic is brisk and noisy, this... A personal favorite of a certain myth to fly fish small streams EVERYWHERE including the Swift everyone.