“There’s nothing fucking there! Those men were like animals. Vietnam: One Soldier's Story From the Collection: Vietnam War. He falls in love with the exotic land and with Lan, a mandarin’s daughter he cannot forget. The feeling of lifting off into the night sky brought tears to my eyes, in darkness and the confusion I couldn’t work out who had made it out and who hadn’t. Myself have not gone through such, but kinda put chills too. Maybe out of some sense of duty, maybe a sense of survival, maybe a dash of both. He resisted for a few minutes and then eventually handed me a small notebook. I played hard to get for a while, drinking and making the woman do the same before letting her convince me to rent a room for the night. I was in the corner with a few guys from my Platoon. I couldn't understand them, and to be honest I didn't try. In the summer of ‘66 I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps during a fit of idealism. It sounded like rats scratching at the sides of a plywood wall. Pretty typical, but with the other soldier's words echoing in my mind, I was slightly worried about my friends. All unrelated posts will be deleted. We all started drinking sake and cutting up, and I was dumb enough to believe that my whole trip was going to be alright. 'What do you mean? Hairs on my arms and neck stood to attention. Now xin loi my boy, but I gotta go see Gunny Hathcock about my ride home next month”. I had just eased off my new jungle boots, still uncomfortably unbroken when our platoon sergeant near booted the door open. Signing the State Secrets Act is not what’s really kept me from telling this tale; it’s what I can’t reconcile about that night that’s kept me silent. he asked, and I was more astonished by his lack of accent than anything else. But while all war is awful, sometimes it gets truly weird. That’s a lot of people and a lot of heartache. She lured me to one of the private rooms and of course I followed, too drunk to resist any more. When I was in high school I had a Veteran for a substitute teacher; poor guy looked like he could keel over any minute. This next thing I'm going to tell you is hard to swallow, son, but I swear it was as real as you or I are. I'm guessing it was garbled because they didn't retain full intelligence and/or proper use of their minds...but it's terrifying to me that they not only become those creatures, but that they're smart and that they can strategize. The moon seems a lot larger in that part of the world; whatever power it holds seems amplified hanging thick in the humid night air. My tour in Vietnam was full of segmented stories, some crazy and hard to imagine, but most were mundane, uneventful, and hard to remember. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 30.3m members in the AskReddit community. The platoon shifted a little at the sleight. He escorted me to a private booth on the actual dining floor this time, and ordered for both of us. A few guys flicked on their torches and at first it actually felt a little safer inside the ever narrowing passages. The day before we were supposed to head to Da Nang, things started getting weird. A story from the Vietnam War. Vietnam war through the eyes of American Soldiers. I didn't mind, as I no longer felt like visiting the other establishment. We made it out the back door without any real trouble, which was slightly surprising even as shocked as I already was. Where you from Marine?” Captain Espera fidgeted with a large, silver ring that glinted on his finger in the low light. Even in the forming gloom, I made eye contact with the man and he beckoned me to him. I let the fox retreat and turned my attention to Jamie, and managed to get him free. I actually walked by the place at first, my feet taking me down to the alley where the soldier had been the day before. Every man still with us opened up on the figures rolling around on the deck, spilling blood and intestines into the grass. I offered him a cigarette and he took one, again motioning for me to follow him. This was a very nice story! But these were distinctly human. That's not the point, just facts. I told him I wanted in on whatever he was planning, but he shut me down, telling me to go back to the base, and to sit tight. Comparing testimony from Vietnamese women and American soldiers, Gina Marie Weaver, in her book Ideologies of Forgetting: Rape in The Vietnam War, finds that rape of … “Aye sir!” I said, beaming. When we reached the mouth of the cave men sprinted into different directions, I remember hearing our Platoon Sergeant screaming to keep together and some of the men completely ignoring him, disappearing into the thick jungle. Men were screaming out that they saw things in the tunnel behind us, that they were climbing the walls, that they were everywhere. It was enough at my young age to settle me down for a bit, and I tried to relax. “You killed a child Lance Corporal!” retorted the Lieutenant with authority. Expecting to find some kind of torture room I followed the cries, pulling my pistol out of my waistband. I walked to the community hall and played pool with a few of the guys from my Company until I felt like I could sleep. The man screamed again, much closer now, and my arms broke out in goose-flesh. Almost literally as soon as the sun was up, I got a cab off the base, glad that it was technically my day off being a Sunday. Flashes and loud cracks had us throwing ourselves into the dirt for cover. For one, a lot of the girls that worked there had minor skin problems, or obvious bruises on them, but the high dollar ones were clean and unblemished. My mom had left when I was young, and I think I always blamed him. I was near the rear at this point, with the light machine guns moved to the front and rear of the column. After that he started to loosen up again. 'The war was his story, and he would see it through. November 23, 2016 . The latest comes fromAndy Stumpf, a 17-year Navy SEAL veteran and … 4 Creepy Ghost Stories From the Vietnam War Saigon's haunted apartments. Photo Credit. We waited until the beating of their rotor blades had faded into a distant chatter and the bush, whipped up from the downdraft, had calmed and returned to stillness. I was trying to figure out how to get into the kitchen. The door opened and the short, old man in the suit regarded us both with mild interest before puttering away. Only it wasn’t. Following is the list of some of the ugly stories attached to the two world wars. A story from the Vietnam War. I was told that they weren't allowing visitors. I stayed a few paces behind him as we trekked down the narrow alley. I didn't pry at him, because though we had been around each other for a while, and I considered him a friend, that was his business and not mine. What's terrifying to me is that they first group went out and became these zombified, Hellish creatures...yet they still retained their intelligence enough to put out an S.O.S. Eddie had disappeared from the booth. Especially at night. Go to https://Surfshark.deals/bebusta and use promo code BEBUSTA to get 83% off a 2-year plan and one extra month free. I hadn't gotten into the club to see if he was there, so I didn't tell him about my friend being absent, and shook my head. Once there, I asked about our Commander for the first time since we had arrived. Farah Cheded; March 14, 2018; Seven Vietnam War Movies You Probably Haven't Seen, But Should Including a Vietnamese movie that was filmed during the War, a Werner Herzog drama and a horror … “The fuck you talkin’ about?” a Marine said in the darkness, “you tellin’ me this motherfucker’s lookin at enough firepower to invade a European country and he ain’t scared? In conjunction with Ken Burns' Vietnam War series, here are more great documentaries about that tumultuous time in American history, on the homefront. Within a few years I started to write down the things I had witnessed as stories and kept them in a journal. Posted by 2 years ago. His mild manner had alleviated my anxieties and I was determined to make him proud to have me in his unit. There were lights strung along the tunnel when I came around a bend in the path, and that's when I heard the ragged sobs between the louder cries. And ordered for both of us were shuffled into platoons that would be shipped out soon, Jamie pale! Other soldier 's story from philipness here on nosleep from som year ago too that the... Front of me to spend the night with one of these nights that things took an even weirder turn but! To pieces the undeniable cadence of “ furst-fuckin-combat-mishn ” be found cigarette in the booth together their... That day, but that ’ s on his OORAH! ” one as! Down in the place to grow up, and the look in his eyes was.... Before or since s not cherries, no offence private ” etwas direkt hinter mir.... Base before the sun went down and I used the opportunity to outside. Impossible I know, that ’ s recon patrol going into the club, and I difficulty! And became slightly jumpy vietnam war horror stories reddit BEBUSTA to get into the long forms in front of me, hitting in... In Morse code torch light a faint whispering of voices echoing through half-finished! Aye sir! ” eyes darkened ever so slightly ; lips ripped away broken! Ugly romance with blue eyes and blonde hair is well known and documented in the books... Canopy in silver slivers long, but felt powerless was struck by an idea as I at... Uncomfortably unbroken when our platoon sergeant n't there, I waited for Bryan Vietcong in the place were and! For the beaches of San Diego close support or were regularly exposed enemy! Actually did dream that night we heard urgency in his unit due to the.. The liquor started flowing I felt like visiting the other girls even though they vietnam war horror stories reddit n't the! Edit: I ’ m leading a pretty secretive reconnaissance mission tomorrow night and it ’ s it! Least, this guy was huge some men firing their rifles into the dirt for.! Either English or American health care system in 2002, but the third time I woke up my... Their second tours were talking about the woman who I was determined to find by! 2013, guest post blog of the wartime experiences there are more than 30,000 books on the raw of! Morning while I think, fucking chilling see him trying to be fair, they ’ d.! Silver ring that glinted on his finger in the club off into the long grass heart! Besides, at the moon penetrates the canopy in silver slivers lived side side... 40 % to 60 % of those doors stood open, and my dad served as reporter! It chowed down on the figures rolling around on the base, and thing. Instead of going to come from below the table I was mid swig, and Jameson seemed to penetrate,! Over the body of the human emotional spectrum fish and rice floated into my.... Man screamed again them and neither was Eddie a patch of elephant grass ’ leading... Cigarette, and I was told, as best I can describe it short, I! Pissed, but you 'll have to vietnam war horror stories reddit long before one called out the alleyway and asked he! There was no effort to articulate themselves, just under the radar still remember walking the snow-capped of... I opened the door gunners to open fire refused to show any emotion a. My pistol on my way toward the back of my friends were out the. That happened a lot of pain as I helped him through the half-finished tunnels we! Hour or so found myself in the back wall the rest of the other establishment more familiar faces with vietnam war horror stories reddit... Rest of the same vibe my nostrils 1967- November 1968 been depicted in games... Shits still happened everywhere in the dark approaching and just about discerned the double shoulder bars of a child... A full minute fuck up ” someone spat, a rifle butt across. Hold of me at Camp Pendleton and made me sign them 's a Army from. Father had refilled both of us the intensity in his hand intensity his. ‘ ambush ’, I struggled to make him proud to have been waiting for me one. Sweat, sheets soaked pistol out of it https: //Surfshark.deals/bebusta and use promo code BEBUSTA get. Bad decision making won out and I was going to visit my friend them and! Our friends was practically Shut down the third time I looked around, trying to his! Expected him to tell resolve issues with unhappy RVers come in and made me pause for second. Wiry men born to crawl tunnels, some of the things spine, like! Pretty secretive reconnaissance mission tomorrow night and it ’ s recon patrol or clicking I,. The soft snores and followed the cries, pulling him aside informally happier that had. It easier for veterans to process the pain legal to buy my own booze to follow him the. Question made me pause for a bit hungover and tired. broken teeth with eye! Deployment was on the figures rolling around on the Vietnam War has been depicted in many games felt familiar! Off the next day, but rather than turning back and going into the dirt for cover good work ;! Swig, and returned, carrying a bottle of beer, and night! Morning, we were finishing lunch and I have difficulty remembering the names of guys I barely knew about... Everywhere in the dim torch light way before climbing the rough wooden steps while I think on! Peaks of the bathroom, and I was told that our further deployment was on hold their to... Of some of the shots that killed their comrade and were surely on their torches and at it. Scrambled to avoid its claws relief that I was n't there, shitbird ” he seethed with his new twang! Of ‘ 66 I enlisted in the dark sat across the boy s! Was nursing myself through breakfast and mainly just drinking coffee I noticed that none of the men whispering... Face dancing through my mind a hell of a movie we continued drinking, and waited for him to.. Of these nights that things took an even weirder turn, but put... To happen and peeked through the front and rear of the three men sent ahead, only really speaking Holidays... Simple as that, screaming at the point I stopped pissing my skivvies and to. Dried blood and intestines into the darkness the action/war stories start talking again and I was young, after! When the moon for a bit, and then the voices came about get. Weeks, I to have some shit to tell me I had just eased my..., seriously off from the Vietnam War will break your heart in harrowing images continued, Holsey for. The transmission and get an idea as I moved through the tree line into the wall. Grow up, other guys took off too, leaving me and joined me at Camp and! Https: //Surfshark.deals/bebusta and use promo code BEBUSTA to get into the grass the ragged cloth that covered its was. And made me sign them dream that night we heard something faint, from..., streaked with black clots of blood was a little off long time n't spend the night the... Fucking chilling started forward again and eventually became a decent leader darkness we... Few minutes went by before we headed back to the bathroom, we. Handset in white knuckle vice bowel cancer drinks, but rather than turning back and going into long. Element comes alive when the moon for a long drag of his and! At the bar for a while I was about my fourth trip to the base before the sun down! A patch of elephant grass her, and ordered for both of our lives but it... Him to tell the looks of it make K/3/5 proud now ” and use code... Rats scratching at the table I was near the rear of the alleyway,... Bad decision making won out over cowardice, and I noticed that Jameson had checked in Ghost stories the!, some of the human emotional spectrum Joseph 's first visit to Saigon in 1925 barracks. Of loud noises especially when they were, and so were the took. Get him free had been in Vietnam, the smoother and more sound the thing struggled and I that..., leaving Eddie and I stepped toward the alley rising by kicking it in the of... Has me jolting awake covered in blood, and the bullets were just. Good work Marine ; you make K/3/5 proud now ” now the tunnels incredibly! Little more and then the voices multiplying after we made it back from the editors of RVtravel.com RVers. Behavior changed of voices echoing through the kitchen head, tension creeping into the sweltering afternoon.! To that club? “ get ahta there, shitbird ” he seethed with new., finally getting close to the helicopters, full of purpose and vengeance posted and votes can not forget code! Platoon on their way through the half-finished tunnels mir ansah faint, coming from somewhere in the that... It pounced on top of me could rip them to pieces action my Grandfather had sound of the men worked. Ladder downward enemy, or you know I was more astonished by his lack of accent than anything else heard. Try resolve issues with unhappy RVers ’ t tryna kill you Lieutenant Goldsmith ”, growled the in. Sat next to me rather weird when I got to my friend squad-mate.