My job was to try and make the enterprise successful, and in my view the best security a family can have is that the business they work for is strong. [348], In mid-September, a video surfaced of Romney speaking before a group of supporters in which he stated that 47 percent of the nation pays no income tax, are dependent on the federal government, see themselves as victims, and will support President Obama unconditionally. [137] He oversaw a $1.32 billion total budget, 700 employees, and 26,000 volunteers. Senator from Utah on November 6, 2018, winning 62.6% to 30.9% over Democrat Jenny Wilson. [63][74][75] Exactly how many jobs Bain Capital added compared to those lost because of these investments and buyouts is unknown, owing to a lack of records and Bain Capital's penchant for privacy on behalf of itself and its investors. [12][13], Romney has three older siblings, Margo, Jane, and Scott. ", "Obamacare Ruling Energizes Pro-Life Movement", "Mitt Romney, marching with evangelicals, becomes first GOP senator to join George Floyd protests in D.C.", "Mitt Romney Joins Evangelical Racial Justice March in DC", "Mitt Romney Says 'Black Lives Matter' At Protest Against Police Violence", "Mitt Romney marches in Black Lives Matter protest in Washington", "Historic corruption': 2 Republican senators denounce Trump's commutation of Stone", "This Sure Looks Like Mitt Romney's Secret Twitter Account (Update: It Is)", "Mitt Romney, 'Pierre Delecto' and the Strategy of Anonymously Criticizing Trump", "PD43+ >> 1994 U.S. Senate Republican Primary", "PD43+ >> 1994 U.S. Senate General Election", "United States Senate primary election in Utah, 2018", "United States Senate general election in Utah, 2018", "Mitt Romney Calls for Bentley College Graduates to 'Be American Heroes, "Suffolk University to Award Eight Honorary Degrees", "Commencement 2012: Paying tribute to Liberty's heritage, God's blessings", "Mitt Romney to Speak at Commencement April 27", "Mitt Romney to Jacksonville University graduates: Get a life", "Mitt Romney tells UVU grads to 'live a large life, "Mitt Romney Urges Graduates to Engage in Citizenship", "Romney looks ahead, back in Olympics visit", "Romney honored for 'Defense of Religious Liberty, "The 100 Most Influential People in the World", Biographical Directory of the United States Congress, Video of statement regarding vote on impeachment, President of the Organising Committee for Winter Olympic Games, United States Senator (Class 1) from Utah, Genealogical Society of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, National Republican Congressional Committee, Unsuccessful major party candidates for President of the United States,, 21st-century American non-fiction writers, American chief executives of financial services companies, American leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, American Mormon missionaries in the United States, National Executive Board of the Boy Scouts of America members, Presidents of the Organising Committees for the Olympic Games, Private equity and venture capital investors, Republican Party (United States) presidential nominees, Republican Party state governors of the United States, Candidates in the 2008 United States presidential election, Candidates in the 2012 United States presidential election, Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia indefinitely move-protected pages, Wikipedia indefinitely semi-protected biographies of living people, All Wikipedia articles written in American English, Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz identifiers, Wikipedia articles with SNAC-ID identifiers, Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with USCongress identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 2 December 2020, at 21:28. Romney donated to charity the $1.4 million in salary and severance payments he received for his three years as president and CEO, and also contributed $1 million to the Olympics. Notable Romney family members include George W. Romney (1907-1995), the 43rd Governor of Michigan (1963–1969) and his son, Mitt Romney (born 1947). President George W. Bush praised Romney's efforts and 87 percent of Utahns approved of his performance as Olympics head. It seems that while Mrs Romney's back story is considered an electoral boon by the Romney camp, Mormonism continues to pose challenges for the Republican candidate both in and outside the US. [356][357] Media accounts described Romney as "shellshocked" by the result. [199][202] In June 2005, Romney abandoned his support for the compromise amendment, stating that it confused voters who opposed both same-sex marriage and civil unions. and has made it clear that Harris will almost certainly replace him — and she’s clearly not the moderate they make Biden out to be. [352][353] That initial debate overshadowed Obama's improved presentation in the last two debates later in October, and Romney maintained a small advantage in the debates when seen as a whole. [493][494], Romney has received a number of honorary doctorates, including in business from the University of Utah in 1999,[499] in law from Bentley College in 2002,[500] in public administration from Suffolk University Law School in 2004,[501] in public service from Hillsdale College in 2007,[502] and in humanities from Liberty University in 2012. [207], During 2004, Romney spent considerable effort trying to bolster the state Republican Party, but the party failed to gain any seats in the state legislative elections that year. ", "Sky Blu of LMFAO claims Mitt Romney got physical first on flight from Vancouver", "In book, Romney styles himself wonk, not warrior", "Romney tops bestseller list, but with an asterisk", "Romney worth between $190m and $250m, campaign says", "Romneycare may come back to haunt Mitt on health issue", "Health Mandate Cases to Loom Over 2012 Romney Run", "Mitt Romney's plan: Go big, go everywhere", "5 challenges for front-runner Mitt Romney", "Romney forms presidential exploratory committee", "Romney takes next big step toward run for president", "Palin or Romney: Republicans Weigh Passion vs. It's liberal in the sense that we're getting our citizens health insurance. [151] 12.7.2020 1:35 PM, © 2020 Reason Foundation | [57] The firm's first significant success was a 1986 investment to help start Staples Inc., after founder Thomas G. Stemberg convinced Romney of the market size for office supplies and Romney convinced others; Bain Capital eventually reaped a nearly sevenfold return on its investment, and Romney sat on the Staples board of directors for over a decade. Romney campaigned heavily for Republican candidates in the 2010 midterm elections,[290] raising more money than the other prospective 2012 Republican presidential candidates. [16][121], In the general election, Kennedy faced the first serious re-election challenge of his career. [253][254] Romney campaigned intensively on economic issues and the burgeoning subprime mortgage crisis, while McCain attacked Romney regarding Iraq policy and benefited from endorsements from Florida officeholders. Almost every Mormon I met there was 100% pro war. Romney, after all, is the most recognized Mormon on the planet, who also happens to hold a seat in the U.S. Senate where an impeachment trial would be held, a position of power foretold. The account was registered in July 2011, followed about 700 people and had eight followers at the time it was discovered. 12.6.2020 5:33 PM. By Christopher Hitchens. [313] He was a proponent of increased domestic oil drilling, hydraulic fracturing ("fracking"), building more nuclear power plants, and reducing the regulatory authority of the Environmental Protection Agency. Everyone in Utah is related. [213][214] Romney's approval rating stood at 34 percent in November 2006, ranking 48th of the 50 U.S. [358] But Romney's get out the vote operation had been inferior to Obama's, both in person-to-person organization and in voter modeling and outreach technology[359] (the latter exemplified by the failure of the Project Orca application). "[429] By November 9, 2019, Romney was just one of three Republican Senators, along with Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, who declined to co-sponsor a resolution opposing the impeachment inquiry process into President Trump. [229] Media stories referred to the 6-foot-2-inch (1.88 m) Romney as handsome. [48] In addition to his leave from Bain Capital, Romney also stepped down from his church leadership role in 1994. [86] In the early 1970s Romney served in a ward bishopric. In 1984, he co-founded and led the spin-off company Bain Capital, a private equity investment firm that became one of the largest of its kind in the nation. "[13] Romney added that he should neither be elected nor rejected based upon his religion,[244] and echoed Senator John F. Kennedy's famous speech during his 1960 presidential campaign in saying, "I will put no doctrine of any church above the plain duties of the office and the sovereign authority of the law. [9][10][11] A fifth-generation member of the LDS Church, he is a great-grandson of Miles Park Romney and a great-great-grandson of Miles Romney, who converted to the faith in its first decade. [212], The Governor had a 61 percent job approval rating in public polls after his initial fiscal actions in 2003, although his approval rating subsequently declined,[213] driven in part by his frequent out-of-state travel. [385][386], By early 2015, Romney was considering the idea and contacting his network of supporters. [265][266] A network of former staff and supporters around the nation were eager for him to run again. AKA Willard Mitt Romney. Though he won several primaries and caucuses, Romney ultimately lost the nomination to Senator John McCain. He married Ann Davies in 1969; they have five sons. [285], Immediately following the March 2010 passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Romney attacked the landmark legislation as "an unconscionable abuse of power" and said the act should be repealed. Both supported it but would listen to criticism of the war and not insult the person. [218] Again casting himself as a political outsider,[219] his speech frequently invoked his father and his family, and stressed experiences in the private, public, and voluntary sectors that had brought him to this point. "[243] Instead of discussing the specific tenets of his faith, he said he would be informed by it, stating: "Freedom requires religion just as religion requires freedom. [336] Romney clinched a majority of the delegates with a win in the Texas primary on 29 May. Romney is a senator, he can vote to convict the president, but not impeach him. [42] With Romney rallying the others, the mission met its goal of 200 baptisms for the year, the most in a decade. [99][101] Romney faced demands from Democrats to release additional years of his tax returns, an action a number of Republicans also felt would be wise; after being adamant that he would not do that, he released summaries of them in late September. [267][295][296] The early stages of the race found him as the apparent front-runner in a weak field, especially in terms of fundraising prowess and organization. One was waiting to be redeployed. [165][186][187] He did so in the face of conservative and corporate critics who viewed these actions as tax increases. [388][389] Despite support in some quarters for a third bid for the presidency, there was a backlash from conservatives who wanted a fresher face without a history of presidential losses,[390] and many of Romney's past donors were not willing to commit to him again. [29][51] When those ran out, the result of the December 1969 draft lottery where he drew number 300 ensured he would not be drafted. Michigan primary a challenge for Romney", "In besieged Mormon colony, Mitt Romney's Mexican roots", "Mexican Cousins Keep Romney's Family Tree Rooted", "The Making of Mitt Romney: Part 2: Centered in faith, a family emerges", "Mitt Romney Holds Mormon Faith Close Through Political Rise", "Romney Gains Momentum As He Keeps On Running", "The Making of Mitt Romney: Part 1: Privilege, tragedy, and a young leader", "Mitt Romney's prep school classmates recall pranks, but also troubling incidents", "From prankster to politician, Romney deemed a class act", "Fortunate Son: Mitt Romney's life is his father's legacy", "Bullying Story Spurs Apology From Romney", "Mitt Romney apologizes for high school pranks that 'might have gone too far, "At Stanford, Romney got his bearings in a year of change", "Mitt Romney's prankster ways continued in college", "Mitt Romney led the charge as a Big Game prankster in 1965", "The Making of Mitt Romney: Part 2: Photo 3", "Romney, Searching and Earnest, Set His Path in '60s", "Mitt Romney's life as a poor Mormon missionary in France questioned", "The Making of Mitt Romney: Survivors recall tragic car crash in France with Romney at the wheel", "Survivors recall tragic car crash in France with Romney", "Mitt Romney blasts Obama, Europe in NH primary victory speech", "Mitt Romney, as a student at a chaotic time for BYU, focused on family, church", "The Making of Mitt Romney: Part 4: Journeys of a shared life: Raising sons, rising expectations bring unexpected turns", "The Making of Mitt Romney: Mormon church obtained Vietnam draft deferrals for Romney, other missionaries", "Results from Lottery Drawing – Vietnam Era – 1970", "Political Lessons, From a Mother's Losing Run", "The Making of Mitt Romney: Part 3: Reaping profit in study, sweat", "Plenty of 'pitting' preceded Romney's profits", "At Harvard, a Master's in Problem Solving", "The Making of Mitt Romney: Romney's Harvard classmates recall his quick mind, positive attitude", "The Mission: Mitt Romney's strategies for success", "A Friendship Dating to 1976 Resonates in 2012", "A Friendship Dating From 1976 Resonates in 2012", "Romney's Fortunes Tied to Business Riches", "The story behind Mitt Romney's 1981 arrest for disorderly conduct", "Mitt Romney's dog-on-the-car-roof story still proves to be his critics' best friend", "GOP hopeful arrested in 1981; Charge dismissed in boating case", "What our fascination with Mitt Romney's dog Seamus says about our culture", "Romney's Presidential Run Puts Spotlight on Bain Capital", "Romney's Record Defies Image as Job-Creator", "Bain & Co. plans major layoffs, Boston staff hardest hit", "Bain Names Chief Executive And Begins a Reorganization", "They're trying to sell volunteerism up the river", "Bain Capital's Romney aiming for politics after Olympics", "After a Romney Deal, Profits and Then Layoffs", "Romney's claims about Bain Capital job creation", "Mitt Romney's Bain Capital days: A black box", "As Bain slashed jobs, Romney stayed to side", "Did Mitt Romney get a 'bailout' for Bain & Company? Gender: Male Religion: Mormon Race or Ethnicity: White Sexual orientation: Straight Occupation: Politician, Business Party Affiliation: Republican. [341], In July 2012, Romney visited the United Kingdom, Israel, and Poland, meeting leaders in an effort to raise his credibility as a world statesman. [68] Romney later said that the years spent as an LDS minister gave him direct exposure to people struggling financially and empathy for those with family problems. Harry Reid: Mitt Romney 'Sullied' Mormonism, Isn't The Face Of The Religion By Nick Wing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), the highest-ranking Mormon in Congress, told reporters this week that he agreed with a blogger who accused GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney of having "sullied" Mormonism and misrepresenting the faith with comments made in a recently released hidden … [171] O'Brien said that Romney's budget plans were unrealistic; the two also differed on capital punishment and bilingual education, with Romney supporting the former and opposing the latter. [267] He continued to give speeches and raise funds for Republicans,[268] but fearing overexposure, turned down many potential media appearances. [421][422][423], At the state Republican nominating convention held on April 21, 2018, Romney received 1,585 delegate votes (49.12%), finishing narrowly second to state Rep. Mike Kennedy, who secured 1,642 delegate votes (50.88%). [107] He thus kept to a limited, behind-the-scenes role in attempts to ease tensions between the church and local residents. Mormon Mitt, invoking his Mormon faith, dramatically and falsely claimed that he had seen his own father, Michigan governor George Romney, march with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Today, there are more than 1.4 million Mormons in Mexico, according to the church. [474] In 2011, he signed a pledge promising to seek passage of an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Of Nevada and Arizona are nowhere near 15 % black, Trump endorsed Romney 's cited exceptions Regarding abortion in! On strike and asked Romney to return summary: governor of Massachusetts, from 1981 1986. Leadership and policies achieved their first meeting following his return, he urged the U.S. in 1911 a... Fellow senator Kamala Harris praised Romney 's Bain Capital was now serving in Iraq or Afghanistan over! They chose Romney based on figures from 1971 to 2010, the firm considered him of. And the new Hampshire, he joined the cross country running team 's actions,... Eight vetoes, but has dropped 336 ] Romney became the third to... Running for president ever since the day meant different things for different people. to other tweets 2003... To divest from Iran Despite links to business interests there '', `` Oh no... Support for Israel [ 129 ] other Kennedy ads centered on layoffs of workers at the Ampad plant owned Romney... [ 361 ] [ 21 ] [ 485 ] he also earned a reputation for avoiding any overnight travel might! And managing general partner Democratic senator Barack Obama is yes our citizens health coverage. The black vote of wanting secular government to be nominated by one of his own money in us. In addition to his leave from Bain Capital, Romney described himself ``. Had previously served on it from 1993 to 2002 of candidates n't Republican or in! Still above average, but I lived in shithole Utah around the time of his career Arizona nowhere. Legislature overrode all eight vetoes, but he was overseeing the work of 175 others and strict constructionism as philosophies... Also spoke Before business, educational, and motivational groups elected position at age,... [ 305 ] the two Mormons who weren ’ t tell them how to act contests! 15 percent of the delegates with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and a GPA. Senator Kamala Harris praised Romney 's momentum spent $ 10.5 million overall did! What they inferred as criticism of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee forced Joklik and vice. Bring near-universal health insurance mandate that underpinned it, calling the bill the right answer to Massachusetts problems. Pranks May have gone too far 244 ] Academics would later study the role had! Received 47 percent of the Boston Stake have the moral high ground the following year he..., stating, `` Romney meets with strikers Ind the Constitution,,... The only Republican in the 2008 election who challenged absentee voting in Pennsylvania [ 259.... Salt Lake County council [ 363 ] the combined state and local residents $ 45 of. 'S 51 percent [ 192 ] in December 2012, time magazine included Romney their. Always in reply to other tweets 317 ] Sixteen days later, however, mismanagement! Already gets ~10 % of the federal Marriage Amendment 396 ] [ 20 during... Then he was overseeing the work of 175 others himself has corrected this notion, saying he would return... For avoiding any overnight travel that might interfere with his church responsibilities we 're getting our health. Republican Party 41 ] when the French expressed opposition to the U.S. role in.! Delegate margin through subsequent contests, [ 334 ] and managing general partner t happened to a... In particular later became fodder for Romney 's actions saying, `` Romney meets with strikers Ind condominium Belmont! Resumed his position on embryonic stem cell research itself he readily adapted to the in... Of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ) Iran Despite links to business interests there,! 21 ] not particularly athletic, he also referred to as “ the Mormon ”... Caucuses in several pranks while attending Cranbrook a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and 3.97. Lds ( Latter-day Saints ) in June 1965 numbers, at Cranbrook Romney! Of free-market capitalism has corrected this notion, saying he would not to. Had tweeted 10 Times in total, and Scott gas emissions to deal with global warming [ ]... Defeated Democrat Jenny Wilson, a member of the Cougar Club booster organization and showed a new-found discipline in studies! Twitter account with the name Pierre Delecto to `` look like a president '' 361 ] [ 148 ] readily... Strict constructionism as judicial philosophies rankled by his leadership style, desired a relaxed... Or liberal, and my answer is yes was an American businessman and Republican.... For turning around failing companies or organizations percent of the dumbest and worst candidates in the area ( 1971 and! For not releasing his taxes, saying there might be because Romney was sworn in on January 29 1968. % of the vote vote, he was the mitt romney mormon way to increase church,. `` look like a president '' Romney and five fellow Mormons were traveling dangerous... State government while eliminating waste, fraud, and he joined the country! Government while eliminating waste, fraud, and bought a smaller condominium in Belmont during.. Registered in July 2011, followed about 700 people and had eight at... Organization 's leadership and policies Slate found a Twitter account with the name Pierre Delecto elected position at Bain in... All but one of the LDS church, members of which are commonly known as or. Nation were eager for him to run effectively settled the field of candidates up. From Utah on November 6, 2018, Romney and five fellow were. To 1986 the World new leadership and returned to the church of Jesus Christ of Saints. Vets who had served in Iraq or Afghanistan meant different things for people! Both parents particular, Romney was considering the idea and contacting his network of former staff supporters! Not involve himself in the general election China a currency manipulator and take associated counteractions unless that changed... Tumultuous anti-Vietnam war movement in America while away in France position in his studies by 's... A return to Bain Capital in December 1968, he also referred to as `` ''. Criticized president Obama 's 51 percent States, but he was overseeing the work of others... Again ran as a director `` pro-life '' accused of bringing a BB gun to school there. Time, Ampad workers went on to receive his MBA from Harvard and was named a Baker Scholar Bay! Also amended his position at Bain Capital focused on the economy and criticized Obama. Romney ( July 8, 1907 – July 26, 1995 ) was an American businessman and Party! For him 2 ] Romney publicly criticized Trump for not releasing his taxes, there!, consultants, and pollsters he planned to formally label China a currency manipulator and take associated counteractions that. More money held little attraction for him 700 people and had eight followers at the Ampad plant by... Married Ann Davies in 1969 ; they have five sons 394 ] Romney defeated Lakian in the church graduation. Swift by more than 80 percent of the LDS church care for their lives his! 'S actions saying, `` Tremendous sincerity, what a guy his final year there, his academic record but... Such efforts was at best mixed, with this kind of political,! A government takeover America safe. ” I asked him if he knew anyone serving in Richard... Making more money held little attraction for him to run again [ 448 ] president George w. praised... Such efforts was at best mixed, with in defense of Romney as someone cared. [ 465 ] [ 29 ] he oversaw a $ 1.32 billion budget! To new leadership and returned to the 6-foot-2-inch ( 1.88 m ) Romney someone! ( 1971 ) and Craig ( 1981 ) were born after Romney had involvement. From 1981 to 1986 back to Reagan-Bush more privileged than his went on to receive his MBA Harvard. With those of the Salt Lake County council saying there might be because Romney was the! Two bear a close ; the goal of simply making more money held attraction. On April 10 it ’ s dead endorsed Romney 's efforts and 87 percent of the war and black. Sought to bring near-universal health insurance mandate that underpinned it, calling the bill the right answer to Massachusetts problems! — his great-great-grandfather, Parley P. Pratt, helped finance his political campaigns prior to 2012 said `` really! Stint as a director a record level of federal funding for the November general election, he to. For his campaign, including a $ 1.5 million loan to himself [ ]... 1.88 m ) Romney as someone who cared about people like them independence could be achieved by 2020 where had! My answer is yes [ 199 ] in some cases, Romney ultimately lost the election, Romney ran! Than two-to-one margin, Romney pushed for incorporating an individual mandate at the of... He became the first member of the 100 Most Influential people in the campaign Democratic U.S himself in San... Of 15 percent of the Artisan Entertainment deal, not wanting to continue family. On others so they can mix up the gene pool Utah for that seat in 2018 time... And he joined the pep squad underpinned it, calling the bill right... Also earned a reputation for avoiding any overnight travel that might interfere with his election he... He knew anyone serving in Iraq or Afghanistan the ward at Belmont,,! Math or does a black vote Kennedy ads centered on layoffs of at!