Iris and the pupil is the next step to go for. } Start off by drawing some guidelines for the lion eyes you are about to draw. Here I decide on the shape of the painting, portrait or landscape and roughly its dimensions. My materials for this painting are a fine canvas and acrylic paints. It is normally the females that hunt, so is it correct to depict a male and prey? Use your images as inspiration. Color them in to really bring some life to this big cat. Acrylic Painting LessonsWant to learn how to paint stunning acrylics? width:100%; background-color:#6ea996; Finish the eye shapes off by drawing the rest of the eye which would be the bottom lids. View lesson. float:right; width:auto; Start by creating a simple outline. } height:250px; Use a stabbing/dabbing motion with your brush to paint in the short hairs above the lion's nose. Over the years I have taken time to improve how I initially approach painting eyes, because if they aren’t right, the finished painted animal will seem lifeless. color:#ffffff; I always start off with the black outline as it helps to get the shape of the eye correct. Also draw the curves of the upper and lower eyelids as in the above example.Add a tiny “split” towards the bottom of the nose as in the above example. It was my intention from the start that the right-hand side of the painting would be very dark, with the lion's body fading into shadow. Then some slightly thicker yellow ochre further down. Mix a shade of pink from the Paint Mixing Grid for the lion's nose. -moz-border-radius:3px; I gradually got darker with a little burnt umber added as it went through behind the tree, towards the right edge of the canvas. width:auto; Paint a lion with this easy to follow guide Celebrated wildlife artist Pip Mcgarry reveals how he created this dramatic, detailed oil portrait of a majestic creature. The eyes are the key to this painting and I decide to paint them to a high finish so I have character and mood set in place at this early stage. This painting was part of a developing process for me. /*-->