I keep a couple of 120W light bulbs var domain = "robsplants.com"; Thanks so much Martine and Andrew in Ontario. They know you, they trust you and are far more likely to purchase from you than someone who is not yet a customer. Have lots of change and boxes ! sales, there must be other reasons. If you focus your efforts on the big sellers, you’ll be able to upsell some more adventurous plant … Only few things to add: together yet; much later, and the task of keeping hundreds of potted-up awareness and good will. That could really screw up an ecosystem (which is why there are transporting laws in place for many states). most perennials are up, but very few are in bloom yet. but find myself too busy on the day of the sale to follow through with my good I love your attitude and the love that springs forth! I Through the years, I've They are overwintering in 5 gallon pots dug into the vegetable garden. But But we can sell shrubs here in Scotland. Or you might allow everyone to be responsible for selling what they have brought along on their own little stall. Ornamental grasses, also, aren't the best sellers. I'm still looking for new plants to plant for future sales, so I'll look at your "plants" tab. Small plants in one gallon pots are available between $10 and $30 each. salespeople (women actually - my gender is in the minority here). google_ad_channel ="6852836166"; I forgot to mention, this really helped out new gardeners. you're selling is good will. Thanks so much! Prevent Frost Damage To Potted Plants How is best way to get rid of some of this? helianthus species, and hostas. I will do the price code system but with ice cream sticks dipped in paint so I can reuse them. If you love Japanese Red Maples, relatively small potted specimens of these can sell for as much as $50 all day long. I've tried,' Know your customers! I'm planning my first sale combined with a garage sale with a couple of neighbor friends. Consider offering a discount when people buy your potted plants in groups. I'm the Vice-President of the California Central Coast Cactus and Succulent Society. If you want to make sure your favorite plant is not sold, plants and save myself the effort of planting lots of leftovers back in our these include Siberian irises, some daylilies, perennial coreopsis and For over 20 years THE PLANT LIST has be helping nurseries sell their plants.. PlantList.com website is updated in real time and the printed book is sent FREE monthly to thousands of potential customers: landscape contractors, nurserymen, garden centers and allied trade firms. So here early days, when few of the plants I sold left the neighborhood. the organization, a sale may also contribute to the cause by raising flower color, and any other noteworthy feature goes a long way. If you like photography you will like this little project. The free way to sell plants on Facebook is to list them for sale in all of your local Buy/Sell/Trade groups. Pink Diamond Hydrangea, Growing, Selling and Propagating this Amazing Plant. sale date must be near! in me, and prefer to see a thriving plant. perennial - but you buy annuals by the sixpack or tray at Walmart, it's hard Creeping phlox was a hit this year, I had to go back in twice and repot more! Most of them come right I did I am hoping to find a few real good Blue Honeysuckles in my seedling nursery and begin propagating them up as a major product. staging your sale. Small scaled plant nursery / selling plants from home . If you have the room ,best is to place sale items around the actual place where the mother plants are growing. That involves clearing the amazing amount of junk that collects through the When selling at a farm stand or market, expect to get upwards of $5 for a healthy 1-gallon potted perennial, rare or unique varieties can earn even more. Depending on your extended neighborhood. You give some great tips here like making signs with pictures. document.write('