It’s an intact, untouched Bronze-Age tomb near the Palace of Nestor. ... A mirror was found above the Griffin Warrior’s legs. Archeologists have uncovered a 3500-year-old artifact in an untouched tomb. In 2015, archaeologists discovered an intact tomb of a Mycenean warrior or priest later dubbed the “Griffin Warrior” in an olive grove near Pylos, Greece, dating to around 1450 B.C. The University of Cincinnati has continued to excavate at Pylos since Blegen first became involved, more recently under the leadership of the archaeological husband-and-wife team of Jack L. Davis and Sharon Stocker who are responsible for the recent and fascinating discovery of what has become known as the ‘Griffin Warrior Tomb’. New York Times: A Grecian Artifact Evokes Tales of 'Iliad' and 'Odyssey' Archaeology: World of the Griffin Warrior; New York Times: Grave of Griffin Warrior at Pylos Could Be Gateway to Civilizations; Smithsonian: This 3,500-Year-Old Greek Tomb Upended What We Thought We Knew about the Roots of Western Civilization (University of Cincinnati/Pylos … Grave of Greek “Griffin Warrior” Discovered in Pylos. “The Pylos Combat Agate is one of the finest objects that we have found in the Griffin Warrior tomb,” Stocker added. The Griffin Warrior of Pylos Posted on 13th February 2019 13th February 2019 by MimirsBrunnr In 2015 the university of Cincinnati got permission to renew digging around the site of “the Palace of Nester at Pylos,” the best preserved bronze age palace in all of mainland Greece. It … When interpreted alongside the artifacts recovered from the tomb of the Griffin Warrior, historians expect to use these burials to gain a deeper understanding of early Greek civilization and Pylos’ links with ancient Egypt. Dr. Sharon Stocker, seen here at the site of the Griffin Warrior tomb, has worked alongside Dr. Jack L. Davis in the Pylos region for 25 years. Grave of ‘Griffin Warrior’ at Pylos A bronze age tomb filled with epic treasures was found near the palace of the legendary king Nestor Archaeologists in Greece unearthed the skeleton of an ancient warrior that has rested undisturbed for more than 3,500 years with more than 1,400 precious objects. The 'Griffin Warrior' found buried in a tomb packed with treasure in Greece has been seen by archaeologists for the first time in 3,500 years after a … Shari Stocker stands in the grave of the Griffin Warrior discovered near the Palace of Nestor in Pylos, Greece. Pylos is a town in the Bay of Navarino and a former municipality in Messenia, Peloponnese, Greece. Elizabeth Lundin August 16, ... It’s a discovery that is reminiscent of the momentous King Tutankhamen’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings, Egypt. THE discovery of a Bronze Age warrior’s tomb amid an olive grove in Pylos, Greece, in 2015 was exciting. (Photo Credit: University of Cincinnati) Griffin Warrior in the news. At first, it may look like nothing, but what they found on the ancient stone is changing history as we know it.