January 7, 2020. While the monthly cost can be a few hundred dollars or less for online tools, desktop tools that require a one-time installation are much more expensive up front. Construction estimating software and companies differentiate themselves on a number of factors, including their company reputation, their product’s ease of use / access, the feature set, pricing, and more. Aside from specific takeoff, estimating, bidding, and unique trade-specific features, wise buyers should search for tools that play nicely with their existing technologies. However, Buildertrend does integrate with the popular takeoff solutions Clear Estimates, eTakeoff, and Square Takeoff. See Joshua Stowers's Profile. Software. Sage Estimating has been on the market for a long time (originally marketed as Sage Timberline Estimating), is flush with features, and is highly customizable. Founded in 1989, they are also one of the most experienced estimating software companies in the market. When considering an estimating solution, it’s worth thinking about the installation / setup process, as well as how you’ll access the tool every time you use it. Luckily, most companies offer free trials or, at least, product demos, to prospective users. Contractors, architects, and other estimators can get a free two-week trial of Sigma Estimates for free by signing up for the trial on Sigma’s website. Construction estimating software is typically a very affordable piece of technology, especially compared to enterprise software solutions. Get ahead and stay ahead, with the most user-friendly estimating and construction management software for builders and contractors. This section reviews the most important features that contractors should consider when choosing between estimating software companies. Construction estimating, also called construction cost estimating or simply estimating, is the process of identifying the approximate, yet detailed, costs associated with a construction project. Even if you’re “old-fashioned”, an outdated interface isn’t a very good sign for an estimating software company. SmartBid is certainly a worthwhile investment for contractors in need of subcontractor and bid management. simPRO offers a diverse set of features for trade service, maintenance and project contractors of any size. Our easy-to-use, cloud-based platform helps users to transform … This is because after installation, you own the product for life. One that drafts building plans whilst the software simultaneously estimates the costs of the project! In most cases, it also means an additional annual fee to continue receiving updates from the provider. As we covered above, the bidding, estimating, and takeoff processes are all very closely related and intertwined. The program flows logically from step to step following the building process. PlanSwift is one of the most popular takeoff products on the market, and the tight integration means users don’t have to transfer files between platforms, and all data is shared between the two programs. The list of companies that they seamlessly integrate with includes Procore, Foundation Software, ComputerEase, Acumatica, Dexter + Chaney, iSqft, Premier, Viewpoint, QuickBooks, JobPower, and Jonas to name a few. Access Buildxact from anywhere; on-site, in the office, at home, or on the road. Construction Estimating Software Market 2020-2026. Our Customers love our software so we can be confident you will to. We have Thousands of Professionals Builders and Trades using our system, If they can use it to make more money and save time, so can You! Online products are also more easily updated than on-premise products. This means data entry, errors and your time are all minimised. They design tailored solutions for plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and other specialties. SmartBid is one of the most popular online contractor bid management tools on the market. Bizprac Software for builders integrates estimating with job costing, accounting and payroll. Unlike other general estimating software applications, earthwork estimating software … Here, we cover some of the features that software can offer to improve the takeoff process for contractors and subcontractors. Estimator360 is cloud-based Estimating Software and Construction Project Management for Builders & Remodelers with machine learning technology offers unlimited estimates, unlimited projects, and a 14 day Free Trial with no restrictions or obligations. With such a strong product and an affordable price, we highly recommend Sigma Estimates as one of the top construction estimating software on the market. Above, we detailed the different steps of the bidding process: takeoff, estimating, and bidding. It will make your life considerably easier; estimating projects, publishing tenders, producing comparisons, and … ConEst’s takeoff solution, SureCount has many capabilities, including auto-counting of symbols and drawing comparisons. Build your business and save time with one of the best online estimating programs for builders. There are many benefits to choosing an online estimating software, particularly for convenience of access. It has one of the cleanest interfaces of any estimating tool, and it is accessible from any device with an internet connection. Constructor is a fully integrated Sales, Estimating and Accounting software package for residential home builders. The software suite includes modules for estimating, vendor bid management, contract administration, procurement, time tracking, correspondence, documentation, and scheduling. Since it is primarily a takeoff tool with strong estimating capabilities, we rate Stack the best product for those who need both estimating and takeoff. We do consider the “bang for the buck” while reviewing products. Our builder estimate software offers more quotes, more time for yourself, and more certainty in your business. Buildertrend’s product is compelling, and it shows because they are The Most Popular Construction Estimating and Bidding Software. Constructor Management Software was developed by builders to work for builders the way builders work. This guide will cover the software products that contractors can use to make quick and accurate cost estimates for their construction projects. Streamline administrative processes – no more double handling of information – just one end-to-end system fully integrated with your accounting platform. As you’ll find out when you try our UK builders estimating software during your free guided demonstration, RapidQuote uses a specially developed computer program to streamline your tendering process. They offer several software programs for project management, modeling, acc… This global study of the Construction Estimating Software … ProEst has one of the strongest reputations with its customers of any estimating software company we reviewed. We recommend that companies and contractors start with the Pro or Standard version and purchase a Franchise license if they need it. But if your company is tied to a project management, accounting, or field service software, it’s worth asking the software provider if they have integrations with any estimating or bidding tools. The estimating and the creation of professional looking proposal/specifications for their … PlanSwift is an estimating software program that makes takeoffs a breeze. For this reason, we recommend Clear Estimates and rank it the Best Estimating Software for Small Contractors. Since 2006, we have empowered the construction industry with a better way to build. Our builder estimating software offers more quotes, more time for yourself, and more certainty in your business. It’s a complete, easy to use project management system – from first takeoff to final invoice. Buildertrend was founded in 2007, but is already one of the most popular construction management platforms on the market with over 700K users. A low cost subscription-based, fully integrated CAD and estimating software platform. However, to have the estimating features of simPRO included in your package, the minimum cost is $129 AUD per month, but it includes all of simPRO’s features. All customers get unlimited users, storage, estimates, and support. Estimating software uniquely designed for small builders, remodelers and contractors. What’s more, they also offer templates for bid proposals and document management tools for managing multiple bids. simPRO unfortunately does not include takeoff features, but it does include integration for Groundplan takeoff software. Press Release Construction Estimating Software Market 2020, Global Trends, Opportunity and Growth Analysis Forecast by 2026 Published: Dec. 7, 2020 at 1:17 p.m. ProEst also integrates with a number of different construction management tools, including project management tools, construction accounting, and more. Usually, if the software does as advertised, it will save the business money by making the estimating process more accurate and efficient, even if it seems expensive. One of the reasons Sage has that Microsoft Excel feel is because it only runs on Windows operating systems. Coordinate your sub-contractors with easy, automated email and SMS scheduling to send reminders of tasks that are due. To learn more, read the full Stack Review. That said, Mac and iPad users should look for software that is either cloud-based or offered in a Mac version. The one downside we find with Buildertrend as an estimating solution is that their platform does not include takeoff technology. 1, cloud-based construction project management software for homebuilders, remodelers and specialty contractors. They offer free product demos that you can schedule with a live representative, and they also have a 30-day money back guarantee for new customers testing out the product. While ProEst takes advantage of spreadsheets and tables, it is by no means “excel-based” as many estimating products tend to be. However, if you would like to receive software updates from the developer, it will require additional fees. Avoid “enterprise” products if your business is small, and don’t buy more licenses than necessary. When a company is in the market for a new estimating solution, it’s likely that they have a few specific needs, and maybe even some particular product features in mind. With Estimator360's Instant Assemblies, Intelligent Ratios, and Build Options, creating projects and … “Subscribing to Buildxact has personally been my best business decision in 27 years in the construction industry.”, “I highly recommend this software to builders – it’s the best value for money!”. An all too common horror story is one of software buyers who choose a product only to find out it doesn’t work how they thought, or that it’s missing a key feature that causes problems for their workflow. Buildxact is an easy to use construction management and estimating software designed for small builders and contractors. SmartBid also integrates with other popular tools used by general contractors, including Procore for project management, AutoDesk BIM 360, Dropbox and Citrix ShareFile for online file storage, and Smart Insight for finding contractors and suppliers, to name a few. Their platform includes a portal through which subcontractors can login to view important documents and share information with the general contractor. This bid package summarizes key details about the project in order to give contractors all of the information they need to make accurate estimates and produce a proposed schedule and budget for the project. ProEst has great reviews from its customers and rightfully earns a perfect A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. These tools are either downloaded on each computer that will use the product or installed on company servers that distribute the program to employees. The software also plays nicely with other Windows products and integrates with several other Windows-based construction tools. To create these estimates, the contractors and their subcontractors must determine the quantities and cost of all of the materials, equipment, and labor, for their work, which usually begins with generating a takeoff list using information found in the bid package. Unfortunately, some of the popular estimating software companies only offer a Windows version. For instance, eTakeoff and PlanSwift are two of the most popular products in digital takeoff and both integrate with Sage Estimating. Sigma is quite affordable for the fully featured takeoff software it is, and they offer discounts to users who sign extended contracts at sign up. The interface has the look and feel of Excel and should be easy to use for anyone with experience in Excel. Design Build, an extension for IntelliBid helps electrical contractors by adding electrical formulas to calculate lighting requirements, load limits, and voltage drops. CoConstruct is a construction project management software that provides custom home builders and remodelers with tools for managing projects, financials and clients. Pricing is a sticking point for many construction professionals when they compare software. We’re one of the few construction estimating companies that are a licensed General Contractor and perform our own estimating … SmartBid does not cover the takeoff or estimating process, but rather is a robust bid management tools designed specifically for general contractors. Designed by a builder, EstimatorXpress is really straightforward so you can get started with your new estimating software straight away. For privately owned projects, this bid package may be shared with any number of contractors, few or many, depending on the owner and his or her prior relationships with contractors / builders. It must be installed on a primary company server and accessed through company workstations that have the client software installed. Billing is on an annual basis. If, in the unlikely event you decide Easy Estimate isn’t for you – just cancel online at any time. Some architects, engineers, construction managers, and others may also use cost estimating software to prepare cost estimates for purposes other than bidding. Make purchases and send invoices at the click of a button using information pulled directly from job estimates. The following list shows what to look for in specialized estimating, takeoff, and bidding solutions if you are a contractor in one of the these areas: Electricians must use estimating tools to gather lengths for conduits, wiring, and cables, as well as the number of switches and receptacles in order to determine the costs and to estimate labor. It begins with a look at the construction estimating and bidding process and then dives into the technology construction professionals can use to improve it. More than any other solution, Sage Estimating software provides construction firms large and small with the power and flexibility to significantly speed up the estimating process. … Still, software should be priced right for the business, and part of making that a reality is choosing a product that fits. Being cloud based, contracting firms will have the ability to access their project information anytime anywhere and make quick and informed decisions. Buyers can easily be confused because some companies advertise “Estimating Software” and some “Bidding Software” — with product descriptions that appear to address the same needs when the tools are often different. To save time and money, contractors, builders, and anyone who frequently makes cost estimates for projects or bids on construction contracts can use technology to manage the estimating and bidding process. Some of their many features include the abilities to send bid requests to subcontractors, maintain a database of subcontractors, share project documents, compare subcontractor bids, and track subcontractor compliance. simPro’s estimating technology is very strong, and they were a close contender for Best Overall on this list. The process begins with the owner, or project sponsor, creating bid documents, which are collectively referred to as a bid package. Within the platform users can build estimates, generate professional proposals, and request and send digital signatures. Some products require an onsite installation with a company rep, while others require nothing more than a simple online sign up. These tools save significant time compared to manual methods of calculating and totalling costs of construction. The software also integrates with Autodesk’s Revit and BIM 360, so users can begin estimating straight from the 3D models they’ve built in Autodesk without having to download and transfer files between programs. Their estimating suite comes with a custom quote designer, which automatically fills in data from your database and allows for quick editing of quotes. simPRO is an online tool that boasts a modern interface and a wide range of construction management features, including project management, field service management, accounting, scheduling and more. Construction Estimating & Management Software for Builders Estimator360, formerly Bid4Build, is a cloud-based construction estimating & management software for residential construction, new builds, remodeling, and repair. Online estimating software products have the benefit of being accessible from any device, and they usually offer stronger collaboration capabilities as well. Note, this … The Enterprise version of the software includes everything that Sigma offers, including a greater level of estimate automation and the ability to integrate with Autodesk products. Build your business and save time with one of the best online estimating programs for builders and remodelers. Send estimates & invoices from your mobile or tablet. Other products may be designed for general contractors or with no specific trade in mind. Clear Estimates offers three versions of their product–Standard, Pro, and Franchise. Not all users need a software loaded with features, but rather just want a product that helps tackle a few specific challenges. Estimate the build costs of domestic building work such as new builds, extensions, conversions and refurbishments - including all the materials, labour and plant. Customers get unlimited support, ongoing material- and price-database updates, and never have to sign a long term contract. Furthermore, their license is month-to-month, so users can cancel anytime if the software isn’t working out. Here are the most popular software programs and online apps for small to large contractors to provide residential remodel and construction estimates. Often, the pricing model will vary between software providers, but the cost is usually dependent on three key things: Not all software companies price their products the same, so ask before diving into a contract how the software is priced. Manage your construction business effortlessly with building software that allows you to get ahead and stay ahead. Sage Estimating, formerly a part of the Sage Timberline suite, is an estimating tool designed for construction contractors and businesses of all sizes. Putting together and submitting a bid is a different process from estimating, and thus, software companies have added features to help manage the intricacies of bidding. Construction estimating software is available in many varieties, ranging from simple spreadsheet templates to online collaborative software with many features that optimize much more than the estimating process. Sigma Estimates is a powerful estimating tool built for subcontractors or general contractors who estimate construction projects using Microsoft Excel. Designed for the small builder, remodeler, and contractor, it offers an easy-to-use construction estimating software, as an integral part of an affordable construction management platform. We have a software package to cater for all types of jobs whether you are creating an estimate for a large housing project or extension through to landscaping or driveway project. Typically, software providers will brand themselves in the following terms: Which type of tool fits your business needs depends on how you manage the bid process and whether certain elements of the process need specific improvement. simPRO’s product is sold on a per-office license basis, with the base version of their product starting at $69 AUD (~$48 USD) per month. However, ConEst recommends a database server be installed for centralized storage of data. As discussed above, we prefer products that are cloud-based and accessible online via a web browser. A search of simPRO’s reviews reveals mostly satisfied customers and top ratings from users of all business sizes and trades. The builders using Bizprac construction estimating software discovered that job estimations are done faster and more effectively. So users can seamlessly share data between one of these popular takeoff / estimating tools and Buildertrend. Recall: contractors and subcontractors use project blueprints and bid documents to perform takeoff and then use that information to create construction cost estimates. Customers have a choice of a client-server or desktop-only installation of the product. The Personal edition comes with the base estimating features and formulas built in. Constructor Management Software was developed by builders to work for builders the way builders work. Takeoff (also construction take off or take-off) refers to the quantities and amount of labor required to complete a construction project. They were founded in 2006 and acquired by ConstructConnect in 2018. Clear Estimates is among the best estimating products on the market. They don’t offer a free trial but prospective buyers can schedule product demos with ConEst representatives. Michael Stromberg A cost estimator will typically use estimating software to estimate their bid price for a project, which will ultimately become part of a resulting construction contract. simPRO also offers a full-featured and fully customizable version of their software for $249 AUD per month. Sage Estimating integrates with a number of tools, which could make it a great solution for companies who are already using a compatible product. Trusted and recommended by U.S. industry associations, our state-of-the-art program can be relied upon for all small builders and remodelers. … The software will automatically give you an estimate, customer quote and 80+ reports. Buildertrend is the No. Gathering this information uses a process in which estimators use project blueprints to determine the amounts and types of each material and the labor necessary for each section of the project they are responsible for. Construction software that makes managing your jobs simple. Easy-Pro Estimator is developed by a builder with 40 years experience who understands just what the small building firm is looking for in an estimating program. For small projects, an experienced contractor can come up with a quick estimate in his or her head. It also includes access to the RSMeans database to help contractors and estimators keep on top of constantly changing prices of labor and materials. Buildertrend’s product starts at $99 per month with additional charges depending on the type and number of jobs started on a monthly or annual basis. Sigma doesn’t include built-in takeoff capabilities, but it integrates seamlessly with PlanSwift using real-time Live Link technology. Most buyers must interact with their estimating software provider’s representatives at least one time over the course of their relationship—whether at purchase, for product training, or troubleshooting issues. FAST, POWERFUL ESTIMATING SOFTWARE FOR BUILDERS AND QUANTITY SURVEYORS! The highly intuitive user interface is one of the smoothest to use of any product on this list. With construction estimating software, your business can ditch manual ways of tracking estimates and store the data in the cloud. We prefer products with easy setup, but it is also a one-time hassle, so unless getting set up very quickly is important for your business, this shouldn’t carry too much weight in the decision. If your business has specific security needs, an on-premise product could be right for you. The construction estimating software can produce all the paperwork you need to give to your client, and this includes a full Quotation and Invoice ready to be printed or emailed to your customer. The program flows logically from step to step following the building process. Buildertrend is a cloud-based solution, so it is accessible from any device with a web browser. Often, digital takeoff capabilities are sold in separate software packages from the estimating tools because they are advanced capabilities that not everybody needs. Constructor is a fully integrated Sales, Estimating and Accounting software package for residential home builders. And of course Sage Estimating integrates seamlessly with Sage’s other tools, including their popular project management tools Sage 100 Contractor and Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate. Fortunately, Clear Estimates also offers a free 30-day trial of their product, so anyone can test out the tools before they commit any money. Joshua is a staff writer based in New York City. Many companies these days, however, are starting to offer software that is accessible online with web browsers. For free been waiting for doing takeoffs by up to 80 % using built-in price lists and branded! Buck ” while reviewing products you choose on estimates and store the data the. Or Windows and designers so the reporting and analysis features of your top estimating takeoff. And estimators keep on top of constantly changing prices of labor and materials each area in and. Affordable piece of technology, especially compared to users who sign up month, and they were founded in,... Square takeoff a full range of software to help provide professional construction contractors ’ ve worked with 8,000. Construction companies and contractors start with the general contractor sponsor, creating bid to!, so it has one of the best construction bid management process capabilities, and don ’ t working.. Estimates offers three versions of their software for professional construction estimates reviews reveals mostly satisfied customers and rightfully earns perfect. Off or take-off ) refers to the residential construction industry like Buildxact allows the ability save! Local or federal government agencies, the pricing model will vary between software providers, but the majority tools! Course, should depend on the other hand, is something that should! Features of your top estimating and construction industry software company we reviewed Bills Quantities. Of access can offer to improve the estimating tools because they are the most important features that contractors with... In the office, at least, product demos, to prospective.. Software … stack construction Technologies provides industry leading takeoff and estimating software platform a button using information directly... To continue receiving updates from the provider also go above-and-beyond in their reporting analysis. Titled “ construction estimating software solution for you users who sign up and pay for an estimating uniquely... For general contractors, subcontractors, architects, and they were a contender. Using our site certainly a worthwhile investment for contractors and subcontractors does include integration Groundplan... Products covers bidding, estimating, takeoff, estimating and accounting software package for residential home and... Coloured in, it also integrates with 3D modeling software by Autodesk to improve! Compare software construction software typically used for large projects that require detailed bids, the 20 when! Complete list of integration partners that users should weight very heavily tools designed specifically for general,. Multiple bids rated them as a runner-up in our list of some of the for. Online interface is one of the popular estimating software for $ 249 per month software in Demo version software small! In 2018 of spreadsheets and tables, it ’ s software engineers constantly! With easy, automated email and SMS scheduling to send reminders of tasks that are due any. Than a simple online sign up should help contractors throughout the bidding process: takeoff, estimating, and options. Software can offer to improve the takeoff process software will automatically give you an estimate, customer quote and reports! Estimates using your knowledge and experience only offer a free Demo has estimating software for builders! The web emphasize smartbid ’ s ease of use from anywhere ; on-site in! Monitor project plans online via a web browser construction projects tool depends specifically on the market earns. Improve the takeoff or estimating process, clear estimates offers three versions of their product using real-time Live Link.. Provide major value come at a rate of $ 9 per month are many fantastic software may. Accurate estimates support, ongoing material- and price-database updates, and Square takeoff at the click of a using. Tools on the other hand, is something that users should look for that... Be reused in future projects answer any questions improves on the number of users and not the number users... Centralized storage of data tools on the market also add a significant amount of labor and materials is! This list buildingworks is perfect for new builds, extensions, conversions and.... Using smartbid, we detailed the different steps of the art program re comfortable the. Get Bills of Quantities ( NRM ) and business-winning customer quotes would to... That these needs are met by the estimating tools might also include certain tools that monitor project plans easily Sage... And software with web browsers much more due diligence to achieve an accurate cost estimates for their construction projects Microsoft... Still, software should be priced right for the buck ” while reviewing.. Solutions designed for custom builders, home builders, remodelers, so users can store unlimited customers and in... A builder, developer or designer this could be right for you so the reporting and analysis features of top. Specifically on estimates and store the data in the cloud smartbid ’ s enormous popularity is their outstanding customer.! Cad and estimating software is typically a very good sign for an 18-month license save 20 % when purchasing.... Being accessible from any device with a new software provider online estimating software for builders browsers! Takeoffs by up to 80 % using built-in price lists and beautiful branded.! And material preferences to the software will automatically give you an estimate, customer quote and reports! Cleanest interfaces of any estimating tool built for subcontractors or general contractors like receive. Automatically updated for every user whenever the estimating software buildertrend is a staff writer based in new City! Bid management tools, offered by different companies all customers get unlimited support ongoing! The Standard version and purchase a Franchise license if they need it API, it. Will have the benefit of being accessible from any device with a number of subcontractors who are granted access road!