Thank you to MikeyMutz’s screenshot below, taken from their forum post, showing the place to stand that will water and fertilize all 10 Old Moon Fences at once. These are also often sold on the Marketplace. Expect hotter climate (higher percentages for temp) in Mediah and desert areas like Valencia. Her prices are expensive, but it may be worth it to you to pay extra. They use less # of the produce that white. The best set of lodging you will find is the red houses and I would highly recommend using these for lodging because they give a lot of lodging for the cost of CP. So… special seeds give less harvest? When you have all your cow farms together, you will be able to manage them at the same time. Strawberries are also very useful in cooking. N/A. This includes knowledge about … There is a lot that you need to learn about crafting to get a more enjoyable experience while playing the game. Most of the time, high-demand, white seeds are completely sold out. Recommended for a large amount of lodging: 15 workers for 9 CP (1.66/CP) If you find value in what's offered at 7-2.1, then this is absolutely worth it. You should decide this based on the following criteria: More or less in that order. Farming can be profitable, if you keep on top of it. These seeds are only beneficial if you’re looking to save time/energy/fertilizer. Other rare and useful ingredients you obtain from farming include those used in alchemy. From an objective point of view, all the energy that it consumes to build and harvest your cow farms may not be beneficial in the long run, as the energy could be spent in obtaining other valuable loot like sheep blood or wolf fur. First, the skill used to determine yield and items to some extent is the Farming Skill. Also Heidel is near center of the map so you can cover more ground with it. First subtract the cost of that housing chain from your available cp(8) and then add any lodging on that chain to your free lodging(4), finally subtract 1 from lodging for your worker that will be in the workshop. I frequently find myself hopping into the water and missing the land or a dock I’m trying to get to! Lodging usually costs about 1 CP per worker. If you’re going to be doing cooking/alchemy/processing/gathering in the future, you’re going to want a good alchemy stone. On top of that, you can allow the crops to be at 200%, and it will not reduce the yield. It takes some time and relies on luck, but eventually you will have an upgraded seed to plant. 1. All of the houses on block 1 are actually quite efficient for storage, with 1-1 and 1-2 both giving 3 space for 1 CP.Houses 2-1, 3-1, and 5-1 also give 3 space for 1 CP. So if you are a type of player who does not enough time to travel back to your cow farms and check them every 30 minutes, this will aid you a lot. Today we’re talking about Black Desert Online’s worker setup and economy systems to create a neat passive silver income — so you can spend more time playing. For example, look at the image showing 1% drops for 4 different seeds obtainable from gathering Fruit Trees. For example, land around lake and river regions should have more ground water, but this isn’t true. Must be white/normal grade or higher). Couple questions. If you have the extra CP available, why not use it instead of letting it go to waste. The colors will fluctuate a little as rain comes, but we can expect some regions (like swamps) to be more humid than others. To rent a house which you can use as lodging for workers: Open the world map and click on the town you'd like to buy lodging in. There are more things to consider when choosing investing options. has some great resources to help you decide where you should farm. Introduction For players who cook a lot, it is a struggle to cook specific recipes because of the quantity of milk need to prepare them, such as butter-roasted lobster, milk tea, cream, butter, and so […] in 1 Small Fence. It takes around 15 minutes to do the whole route and in total give over 1,500 Contribution EXP. One is located conveniently inside the northern inn in Heidel. Grain seeds only take up 1 space each, so you can plant 4 wheat seeds You would expect “Groundwater” to not move as much as it does. If you have the patience and fortitude and don’t care about what you grow, go for it. It can only be done once per character, so for each shabby fence you want you have to do the quest on an alt. In addition to lodging, make sure you have the silvers to purchase the workers. Shows best lodging per cp for new player up to 55 workers (can have 102 in Calph total). You can only have 10 farms total, but if you only had 5 fences anyways, wouldn’t it be better to plop down another 5 free fences for 5 more slots? Click the accept button and it will deduct the Contribution Points and a house conversion fee. (Source: Breeding takes hours to attempt and you may only get 1 seed of the same quality back! Notice the extremely low quantity of white grade seed at the Marketplace. Farming Yields Update: 200% crop growth no longer lessens crop amount gathered: Crops used to yield significantly less at 200%. Ahr is a Seed Vendor located in Calpheon City, who sells normal/white quality seeds. Magical seeds require Artisan 1 Farming skill. Workers almost never run out of energy removing blights in Magical Seed Farms before the crops hit 100%. If you are selling thousands of crops every day, but only 200 things get bought, it’s not really maintainable. Notice the high Water and Humidity levels that are found in the swampy regions surrounding Glish. Smaller Fences give more fence slots per CP. Mysterious Seeds: Bddatabase also has a list of nodes that shows the Weather info for each region. But this way of obtaining seeds is really hit or miss and it’s hard to know which seed you might get. There are many places where you can build your cow farms, but I suggest building them in Calpheon as there is a lot of space available for you to place your cow farms together, making it easier for you than having them all spread out in an area. For example the more Barters you have the more Barter Chains (Tier 1->Sea Coins) you unlock (I unlocked my 5th Chain around 150 total Barters). The harvest amount will not decrease even when the plant growth is 200%. There are several contribution point missions in Heidel which reward 770 contribution points if they are all completed. Another advantage regarding farming your cows is that you will also receive, apart from milk, beef, and in some rare cases, ox hide. (If you find pressing the R key 4 extra times a hassle.). Therefore, it will have more instances of Blight and you will have to attend to it more often, and earn more Farming xp per hour. After spending 100 Contribution on 10 Strong Fences, the Farming Life Skill can be leveled fairly quick. Keep in mind that there is also a chance of gaining beef or ox hide, and a special haystack can give an average of fifteen to twenty beef or ox hide. Another good thing in having a cow farm over strawberries or olive trees is they do not tangle themselves very often, with a remote chance of having pests in these special haystacks. Remember that the same rules of farming apply, whether it be a cow farm or a strawberry farm. This means farming time is 5x quicker and less hassle for you. Another drawback of having cow farms is that the haystack requires four slots. You can purchase Withered Wheat Seed from Camelia Loggia at the Loggia Farm for 220 silver each. You can either put workers on your farm to tend to it (keep away bugs, prune it, etc) or you can do it yourself. The crops are used to train dream horses, upgrade alchemy stones, or in countless recipes. Magical Seeds:Magical Seeds produce a crop that breeds and harvests 5x the normal amount. Mysterious Seeds produce 7x the crop. One disadvantage concerning cow farms will depend on your CP (contribution points). When you return But the 4/21/2018 Patch Notes state, “Even if the growth of crops at garden reaches 200%, the yield will not be reduced anymore.”. Guide. Start with their Farming List. You need a fence and seeds to begin Farming, but where do you start? When the harvest is at 200%, you will be able to breed them, and it is below 120%, you are ready to harvest them. Fertilizer lasts longer since they get consumed slower by less amount of crops. There are those who enjoy just growing something that’s useful and getting farming xp slowly as it comes. There is almost certainly something you could grow that would be extremely useful to you in the future. For example, her strawberry seed sells for 3,360 silver, but you can buy it on the Marketplace for…. Select a blue house, and select the lodge function. The Cheapest route to Keplan from Glish is 7 CP for 11 CP total. If you breed them, you get a random amount of the corresponding fruit (eg. They generally have to be placed in grassy areas, but sometimes you can place them on sand (I’ve fit a 10×10 on a beach before). Hunt. CP is earned by completing quests, and they can be seen in the top left along with your Skill points and energy. If you want to start your cow farm, you will need to obtain special haystacks. The colors will not fluctuate like they do for humidity and water. If your fence is in a location that the crop likes, it will grow normally. If you choose to breed the crop, you’ll get 1-3 seeds for that plant. If you find a crop with low preferences for Humidity, like Dry Mane Grass…. Mysterious Strawberry Seed = Processing > Shaking: 1 Magical Strawberry Seed + 5 Mysterious Seeds (generic). You can’t place it if the ground is just pure stone. If you want to cook specific dishes that happen to require a rare ingredient unobtainable via nodes (say, onion or garlic), you would probably need to farm those yourself. you go in house and put in a piece of furniture with 101 + points . This fence chart will help you optimize your CP for fence rentals. For example: Tea with Fine Scent, Essence of Liquor, Vinegar, and many more. For example, if you have 10 Strong Fences, you only need enough energy to breed/harvest/prune 10 times instead of 20 time. Farming YieldsYour yield when harvesting a crop is based on the rarity/grade of crop you’re growing. Fences are items you can place in the world in most area similar to staking a claim. Just stand near your fence and click the required button, it’ll be prompt to you There is the option to travel to Olvia and go to Whale Farm. 5x less sharp/hard shard chances while pruning, How to Obtain Magical and Mysterious Seeds: You can also sell the haystacks in the market if you have too many of them or if you want, you can save them for later so you do not have to breed as much on the second run-through. So that’s about it for contribution points in BDO. If your goal is to get shards, or level up Farming, you wouldn’t want to use these. If you open your world map, you can use the controls on the top right to view Weather details about the region that will help you in picking a location for farming. Or does it remove after inactivity? However, you have to consider that this house is also a very good buy for lodging (giving 2 space for 1 CP). Now that we have some fences, it’s time to decide where to put them. Gathering: The higher your Gathering speed, the time to gather is decreased. There is a lot less maintenance in having a cow farm or the need to keep taking care of it. (ex. Last updated Jul 30, 2019 at 4:35PM | Published on Jun 19, 2019 | Black Desert Online, Farming, Life Skills | 4. Thank you to MikeyMutz’s screenshot below, taken from their forum post , showing the place to stand that will water and fertilize all 10 Old Moon Fences at once. This chart doesn’t mention the Shabby Fence. Gathering Seeds for FarmingSeeds are also obtained rarely through gathering. If you want more workers, you have to purchase lodging in Velia. To start the cattle growth, we can also create a haystack from drying 50 weed. 3. However, if you make your calculations, you will conclude that the amount of milk earned is not worth the amount of energy spent, especially for the amount of milk need in many different types of recipes. As you can see in my screenshot, the prerequisites happen to be quality storage space anyway. Location Number Base CP Total CP Workers CP Ratio Balenos Iliya Island Iliya Island: 4-2 : 1: 1: 1: 1.00; Balenos Iliya Island Iliya Island: 6-2 : 2: 3: 1: 0.50; Balenos This strategy takes dedication and patience, but it has been reported that you can achieve much quicker results. Find every crop’s best growing conditions in bddatabase’s Farming List. Tarif covers the largest territory and its nodes are paying well. Valencia and Grana for example are really expensive. * Find Flaviano in Heidel and complete the Pure Water for an Experiment Quest to obtain related knowledge. We can see here that Dry Mane Grass loves dry, hotter climates and would do extremely poorly in a cool swampy area like Northern Cienaga. (Artisan 2 Trade required.) Are you interested to know how many Fences your current Contribution Points can buy? Farming for Crops You can UseSpecial Strawberries are useful for upgrading alchemy stones because they give the most XP. I mentioned before that you can’t place fences in a node war area, and also not in a safe zone. Guide. From here you can either harvest your crop, or breed seeds. Then You can Get Glish for only 3 additional CP by just offshooting from the Heidel to Keplan route and grabbing the gateway. Read more information here. Most people will use it as a shipping port/meeting area, being that it's more-or-less centralized compared to the rest of the trade hubs. The gatherables that drop seeds is a long list that includes: Fruit Trees, Shrubs, Thickets, Dry Thickets, Bushes. ). You really can’t count on the blue areas staying blue for very long. They are worth obtaining them if you are one of those players who enjoy cooking and completing all the different types of recipes available that require a lot of milk. Fixed Typos and some errors. Just click on a Farming item to view that crop’s details. Recommended: 11 storage for 3 CP (3.66/CP) *Good value* All housing: 36 storage for 14 CP (2.57/CP) ADDITIONAL STORAGE FOR HEIDEL CAN BE FOUND BELOW Heidel is home to the best house in the game for lodging space, located at 7-3.1. NPC name: Stee . Mostly been running the Calpheon dailies to boost it up, along with most of the gathering/crafting quests. The cloud button called Humidity Information will show the most humid regions, which are a darker red. Then hover your cursor over the Water/Humidity/Temp bars at the bottom. When a cow is fully grown, it can be harvested for milk, beef, or ox hide. Too find all the Seed Vendors you have already spoken to, use the NPC button on the top right of the screen. How long does it take crops to grow? Please note that the site is heavily under development (v.0.2), so some information might be inaccurate. Therefore, you can also stack up beef that you may need to complete other recipes, like meat stew or good feed. Northern Cienaga is one of the highest Humidty areas in the game and it’s very close to Heidel. Weeds are common from pruning. The image below shows the location of beginner area Fence and Wheat NPC vendors. She already saves you hours trying to get lucky breeding a Withered into a normal quality seed. In that case, you have to consider the availability of seeds on the market. Therefore, it is better to let your cow farms produce milk at their rate instead of spending your energy in harvesting your cow farms. limited number of spaces for seeds. You can type in the search term “fence” to view all Fence Exchange NPC’s. Cheapest route from Heidel to Glish is 4 CP. Rent Gear with Contribution Points . Below is a video that shows a sped-up single run through the daily contribution quests in Heidel. For those of you who don’t understand his bolded last row its like this: you go to a random house with lets say 3000k points owned by a random guy. They take up 5x the farm slots. Shrubs also have the same low RNG percent drop rate for seeds as Fruit Trees. Medium temp is shown as yellow and the hotter climates are orange/reddish color. To Discover: Invest in the following Nodes: 1) Discover / Knowledge of Heidel 2) Invest 1 CP into Lynch Farm Ruins Node (to the left of Heidel) NOTE: At this point you will see a … Remember the free 1 slot fence that doesn’t cost Contribution Points? When deciding where to place your farms, there are a few important things you have to consider, like temperature and humidity. Each fence type has a Similarly, each crop has a preferred humidity it likes to grow in. Breeding seeds sometimes produces Fruits of ______. Lowest tier workers costs anywhere from 2-3.5k silvers to purchase so don’t waste your energy to reroll unless you have the silver and lodging to hire one. Time, high-demand, white seeds are only beneficial if you find pressing the R 4! My screenshot, the Skill used to determine yield and items to some extent is the furthers but... -- / * -- > *,! Not fluctuate like they do for humidity and water aid your beer production upgraded seed plant... Area fence and bdo heidel lodging cp to begin Farming, you get 5x more fruits/byproducts per seed (! * /,