3rd ICGEB Workshop on Human Papillomavirus and Associated Malignancies: biology, prevention and therapy

Infection with Human Papillomavirus is the main cause for the development of anogenital carcinomas, and a leading cause of oropharyngeal cancer. Molecular, cellular and immune events triggered initially by viral proteins and later on, also by the host orchestrate the development of cancer. Health care policies are essential for prevention, detection and treatment of HPV associated cancers. Nowadays, many countries still struggle with these diseases.

In this workshop we will discuss HPV-associated malignancies from different perspectives, from epidemiologic aspects to molecular interactions between viral and host cell proteins to immunology. We will also focus on HPV detection and screening, disease biomarkers research, prophylaxis and therapy.

We are looking forward to foment interactions and collaborations between researchers and clinicians attending the workshop.


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Conference venue

Instituto de Radiologia (INRAD)

At the heart of Hospital das Clínicas and School of Medicine, Universidade de São Paulo, INRAD is a training center with all necessary infra structure for a successful workshop.

At walking distance from Paulista Avenue and Clínicas subway station, this venue is easily accessed.

Informação do evento

Data 02/09/2017
Data de fim do evento 05/09/2017


Av. Dr. Arnaldo, 251 - Cerqueira César - São Paulo - SP
CEP: 01246-000 | Tel.11 3893-2000