Female: Very similar to the male, accept the hen does not contain the extra long tail feathers, nor does it contain the lobes on the flight feather when mature. What really matters is the amount of time you are going to spend with the bird, quite often you hear that people say my bird is a one person bird, but why is that I hear you ask, is it your sex or is it that the person your grey likes the most is the one that gives it the most attention and feels less negative towards. Males, by nature, are more "dominant." However, young males quite often engage in a behavior I term "sparring." 4. The female of the species has a longer, more slender neck and her head is smaller and rounder than her male counterpart. My Willow is male. This type of initial attraction is far more reliable to the person seeking a bird than any generalizations about the differences between the sexes could ever be. Male African greys tend to be darker in color than the hens, but that will only apply if their origin is from the same area in Africa. Even in a breeding situation, the Grey knows there is little danger of such a stranger actually encroaching on his territory. Get a male, because if you get a female, it may choose you as it's mate, and it wud be weird. OA_show(2); and the females don't really talk, and the males are always more pretty looking. African Grey are worth about the same as a Macaw, even tho the pricing is opposite. Consider the body. Other subtle differences between the male and female African grey include a more slender neck and narrower head in the female, and a rounded eye patch. That said, however, I think that such a discussion can be very valuable, because it will allow Grey owners to better understand their birds and their behaviors toward them and other people in general. In fact, I have three female Greys, two of whom I raised, who are quite disinclined to interact with people at all. In males this sliver of feathers is blended. The more obvious difference between the two parrots is that Timneh Greys are smaller and darker in appearance and also have a smaller black beak with a beige patch located on the upper portion. I suppose you have to go with the flow. - … All rights reserved. So quite often we get asked, “I’m male/female, is it better to choose a male african grey or a female, which one will take to me best” Quite often you will hear people telling you if you’re a female then a male bird would bond with you better, sometimes you hear a female will and visa versa if you are male. Female African Greys have light grey feathers on the underside of their bodies. I think you are right but my Jaco was abused by a women so although I love him to bits and never get upset when he bites me, I dont allow him to chase me away I dont shout when I am hurt, so he is getting better, because I know his behaviour. There are no studies to which we can refer, which have resolved in any scientifically determined and documented manner these differences. Extracts from 1907 publication, How to Sex Cage Birds© - an interesting historical article! The chicks leave the nest after about 12 weeks. The hen (Female African Grey Parrot) is very choosy for the selection of male and prefer to choose the male with biggest crop, so that male parrot can feed the chicks. I think that any discussion of differences must first acknowledge the fact that many of the behaviors we speak about are, in the natural setting, manifested within the context of relationship. The Timneh African Grey looks very similar to the Congo African Grey. Indeed, they do resemble the Amazons, with short, stout bodies and a somewhat blunt tail. Male African Greys usually have eye patches that are pointed, while a female's eye patches are mainly rounded. Generally speaking, mature Grey males, kept as companion birds, are not notably aggressive, as are many male Amazons during breeding season. In the ecletus parrot (Eclectus roratus) the difference between male and female is extreme. 2- Female African Grey Parrots have longer neck. Females, on the other hand, are a beautiful combination of red and blue and they have a black beak. While the African grey is perched, facing you, there is a sliver of feathers peeking out from under the wing. Babies … For instance, if a Grey owner has a hen, the bird will likely behave in a manner consistent with the type of "social agreement" which serves the pair so well in the wild. This is a relatively long period of time, during which interactions with humans have a tremendous impact on the personality development of the young bird. I shall hope not, coz my mum will just go CRAZY and i have a little sis who has naps during the day. The African grey parrot has a vivid red tail while the Timneh gray parrot has a darker, … And, gradually, his biting has decreased in frequency and we have developed an amazing and valuable relationship in which we do a lot of physical playing together. The Congo African grey parrot has shades of grey covering the body. When I say the right conditions what I mean to say is if you think of it in human terms, just because you’re a female/male does that mean that you can and will only bond with one sex, whether that sex be a male or a female …. Is my bird going to be a one-person bird? Awareness as to what these subtle differences are will allow the astute Grey owner to better "steer" a young Grey’s behavior or more wisely modify the behavior of an older Grey. I believe it appropriate to exercise consistent patience with such a bird, reassuring her verbally that she is safe, yet encouraging her gently to become more ‘social.’ I would never allow a visitor to approach such a young female and demand that she "Step Up!" My African Grey, Louise, has a lovely light grey body with a short scarlet tail as well as a striking black beak and scaly black feet. Video: what cockatiel difference between the male vs female The area around their eyes is generally white. The male feeds the female while she is sitting on the eggs. They actively engage my own, older male with this type of jousting as well. "Introduction. I have thought that also it depends on who brings them up from babies, if its a wome3n giving them all the love then maybe they prefer a women. Oct 29, 2020 - Explore Christian Crystals's board "African Grey ", followed by 3334 people on Pinterest. Awareness as to what these subtle differences are will allow the astute Grey owner to better "steer" a young Grey’s behavior or more wisely modify the behavior of an older Grey. It makes a nest in tree cavities. Depending on how you raise them by giving love and attention, they are great companions too have around. They compete with other male fledglings for the highest branches. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Often consternation on the part of the owner is the result. He loves to be swung down and back up by my side, to be turned on his back and given raspberries on his tummy. This one is a bit harder than the others. I simply refuse to acknowledge that his attempts to dominate me are important. The average rosy Bourke's parakeet is 8 ¼ to 8 ½ inches in length. Indian and African Ringneck Parrots are often confused as the same parrot so I wanted to highlight the subtle but significant differences in this article. [CDATA[ Lastly, it must be recognized that any information offered about differences between male and female Greys is purely anecdotal. When he does offer his hand for Willow to step-up the response is far from a loving one, however when my husband sits close to the cage Willow will come closer and they seem to get along better. The feathers appear darker on the head and gradually lighten to a light silvery grey toward the chest and leg area. She is a shining example of how intelligent parrots are. Clearly, this is part of their development as young male Greys, and in the wild would result in a hierarchy that would include a flock leader. The male parrots are bigger, while the females are smaller in size and have a narrower head and a slender neck. Males are deep green in color, and their beaks are a yellowish orange. I think it especially critical with young female Greys that we, as their humans, adopt the sort of role a mate would...in that we interact with any visitors first and then carefully introduce bird to guest, after first allowing the parrot to observe our interactions with the visitor. The biggest difference between male and female Congo African grey parrots is females, also called hens, lay eggs with or without a male present. She was so gentle with me and when I left my partner she wasn’nt allowed out of the cage because whe would bite him hahaha. I don’t believe I have ever seen a female fledgling in any sort of confrontation with another chick or adult Grey. The male African Grey has a broader, flatter head. My African Grey: Louise Bird. I say "mock aggression" because this action is more of an attempt to communicate than to actually harm the visitor. I have long pondered the meaning of this behavior in these females. Some physical differences that may be present are the shape of the head, with the male having a broader, flatter head and the female … The African Grey Parrot forms a monogamous pair for life. However, I have little trouble with either bird. or it is better to get a male…they say the talk more.. Im only 11 years old but i take great care of animals and love them. When I place babies, I most often observe that a particular baby will be drawn to the person visiting, and this usually "seals the deal." I have often spoken of my observations of wild-caught pairs breeding in the domestic setting outdoors, because their behavior clearly illustrates the nature of this bond. The third will allow me to handle her, but resists strongly if anyone else should try. However, it can be very effective to just ignore aggression on the part of a male Grey, conveying with humor that you don’t find this impressive. They are typically 12-14 inches in height, while females are usually less than 12 inches tall. Yet, I have never had a male Grey baby who did not like people and interact with them willingly. Thus, many of the behaviors we can observe in our Greys are those which fall into this category, and yet have been modified by the Grey to fit into the context of life within our homes. Watch on YouTube. Grey pairs in the wild act in tandem with each other..they act as a couple, with each having a certain set of behaviors which serve and preserve the pair bond they share, as well as to protect their nest and young. 3- The body of male African grey parrot is somewhat rounded. As a breeder of African Greys, I am often asked which sex makes the best pet. Males also tend to communicate by biting, much as the male in the breeding flight will. I’d say no … right? The African grey will also lighten with age, which is something to note if comparing a young female to an older male. It is always a mistake to react to an aggressive action on part of the bird with aggression of your own. I feel somewhat reluctant to address this topic because I wouldn’t want anything I say to be construed in such a way that someone would interpret from this article that one sex makes a better companion parrot. | You are here, “I’m male/female, is it better to choose a male african grey or a female, which one will take to me best”. These animals are seriously clever and really do pick up on negativity and if you feel negative about a bird liking you well don’t be surprised if your bird doesn’t pick up on that fact, and lets just say, not be your best friend, just like kids at school there’s always some kid that is difficult to get on with and naturally what do you do if you don’t seem to be able to connect with someone, you tend to keep clear of them, but in the grand scale of things is that the best policy or should you perhaps just work a little harder on that relationship to make it work. [1] X Research source Males are usually 12-14 inches (30-35.5 cm) in height. but an African Grey is defiantly good bird, and one of the most loyal, but so is a macaw. Differences between Timneh and Congo grey parrots. Unlike dogs, grey parrots are not bred to create new parrots with desirable traits. She will not allow anybody else touch her male or female Thanks for all the help you give us new owners, I really appreciate your site. It is unclear on how much caffeine is too much for a parrot. For, there are certainly notable, though subtle, differences between male and female African Greys. 3- The body of male African grey parrot is somewhat rounded. Their head is small and flattered. It’s a matter of your taste and your needs. Aug 19, 2014 - Differences Between Male & Female African Grey Parrots Congo Grey Parrots and Timneh Grey Parrots appear to have the same talking ability, with the Congo voice slightly louder than Timnehs, as it could be expected from a larger parrot. My male Grey, Rollo, is an extremely dominant, aggressive bird. Male Or Female That Is … Again, I refuse to acknowledge the challenges they make. In males, these feathers are typically a darker grey. Darker feathers appear to have a white-scalloped edging, but if you look closely, many of … I eventually kidnapped her and we have lived happily ever after ever since. Like the male in the breeding flight, they will, using surprise as a weapon, turn to "nail me" with a bite when I least expect it. He simply feels the need to put the message of his dominion "out there.". Because of this difference, it is usually easy to instantly tell the difference between a male Indian ringneck parakeet and a female. A male African grey's tail will remain solid red, while a female's red tail feathers become tipped with silver. As we might guess, casual observations of male companion Grey behavior is also consistent with what we have observed of male Greys in breeding situations, as well as the "sparring" behavior of fledgling males. Once the intruder has been given the "once over," the male of the pair may decide to do one of two things....either whistle a contact call to elicit a response from the human, or come forward in a show of mock aggression, striking at the wire nearest the human as a warning of sorts. In addition, discussing sexual differences presents a challenge due to limitations of the English language. Two of them actively resist any handling, although they will comply if I insist. What conclusions can we draw from these observations? If you like a bird to talk and whistle, select a male parrot. They have the personality of a “large bird in a small bird’s body,” and are often compared to Amazon parrots, a family of parrots said to be their close cousins. In females the contrast is more obvious. The undersides of a male's wings become dark, while a female's remain light. No part of this article may be reproduced in any form or by any means, without permission of the author. – Jerome (-: